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  1. South Korea

    Narrow full backs seem to be a tactic of ours. The opposition have so much space out wide every game we play
  2. South Korea

    I didn't mind the kick off time although I do associate international football with night games under the floodlights
  3. South Korea

    If you mean the Korean one it was for a foul. Our one was offside
  4. South Korea

    Just re watching the match here and didn't realise at the time how well Washington did for the winner
  5. South Korea

    Thought our midfield was very soft. Need a proper holding midfielder. Maybe McNair will fill that role. I'd have given Carson man of the match. Lewis did well after a shaky start. Big Josh was poor. Washington made a difference when he came on. Jones didn't get enough of the ball. Nice to see a bit of creativity from a set piece. Smyth took the goal very well. Hopefully the first of many
  6. Starting XI v South Korea

    Davis out and concern over a few more Click
  7. Starting XI v South Korea

    Jones , Carson , Saville and Lewis have to start I think
  8. Starting XI v South Korea

    Is ward definitely fit? Don't think he's played a lot recently
  9. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    I'd imagine it's because brunt is out
  10. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Fair enough then. Though surprised Lewis hasn't stayed with under 21s but will be good for Michael to have a closer look with the brunt situation
  11. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Smyth and peacock-farell with the under 21s?
  12. South Korea Match Predictions

    You're just a small part of north Korea ?
  13. South Korea

    Better to get some money than none
  14. South Korea

    Aye doesn't make much sense if the demand is there to not allow people the option
  15. UEFA considering international leagues

    I think you have to join some club or something. Couldn't find it on the website bit think there is information in the programme if you have one handy. Mine get put away or I'd have a look
  16. UEFA considering international leagues

    Happy enough. Will have to try and get to Austria away if I can
  17. UEFA considering international leagues

    I wouldn't mind getting Wales. Think they'll be a disaster under Giggs
  18. South Korea

    To be honest I love my seat and wouldn't want to move really but I can see it being £60 a game
  19. South Korea

    I'm pretty sure its already been confirmed the "grandstand" block booking prices will be increased next time. I'm actually slightly worried it will be too much for me but I'm sure I'll find a way
  20. South Korea

    Good that it's someone different. Looking forward to it
  21. Central America tour

    Would be some trip to be fair. Regretting using the money I had for Russia on a car
  22. UEFA considering international leagues

    Looks to be going ahead http://www.football365.com/news/21554/9233120/UEFA-Unveil-New-Nations-League-Tournament