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  1. mourne_shamrock

    Bass Drums

    Not much variety in the songs either....we’re on our way x75, GAWA x2 and that’s all I can remember
  2. mourne_shamrock

    Post Mortem

    How come?
  3. mourne_shamrock

    Post Mortem

    David was poor but haven’t that said too many times in the last few years, let alone in 116 caps. agreed, Dallas was moved 3 times tonight, which seemed strange. big shifts from Cory, McNair, Josh , stuarty as usual. brilliant cross from McNair for Josh after only a few minutes. Draw was fair and hopefully gives some confidence for the playoffs
  4. mourne_shamrock

    Squad for Netherlands and Germany

    Isn’t the squad named about a week ago, certainly before the last weekend games
  5. mourne_shamrock

    Squad for Netherlands and Czech Republic games

    Good result, confidence booster
  6. mourne_shamrock

    Squad for Luxembourg and Germany

    Cameron McGheean too, think he’d merit a call up (if available) more than Skyes
  7. mourne_shamrock

    Starting 11 v Germany

    Unless it’s fitness to keep them both sharp...like a week training but I doubt they’d be considered for game time
  8. mourne_shamrock

    Starting 11 v Germany

    When is the squad announced ?
  9. mourne_shamrock

    Math thread (Tallin)

    Any link to match highlights if you are outside UK/NI?
  10. mourne_shamrock

    Math thread (Tallin)

    Excellent stuff. Think that’s harsh on Boyce, some nice link up play but lacked sharpness. Great second half and amazing to get the win
  11. mourne_shamrock

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Agree. I don’t understand how that is permitted
  12. mourne_shamrock

    Post Mortem

    Get in!!!! 2 of us in Legends bar in NYC but amazing
  13. mourne_shamrock

    Starting Eleven

    For Big G to take his place
  14. mourne_shamrock

    Starting Eleven

    Can’t see MOn dropping McGinn or Jones or changing defense as it seemed to work. big Josh in for Laff only change I’d see
  15. mourne_shamrock

    Squad formation v Estonia

    Yesssss get in