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  1. leo

    Post Mortem

    Another thing missing last night...well, I can't remember any....was the usual roar, and 'you fat b...', cackle... when the opposition keeper takes a goal kick in front of the Kop. Either that, or Neuer didn't have to take any, or if he did, he hit it short?
  2. leo

    Post Mortem

    I still think we had a case for a penalty; the was surely contact, though maybe the way he threw himself to the ground made the referee's mind up. But against that, the Germans could have had one, for Cathcart's handball!
  3. leo

    Post mortem

    I think we need Josh in the middle.. Surprised that Smyth and Whyte weren't on the bench. Maybe they had knocks, for surely one of them could have taken the place of McGovern or Hazard?
  4. leo

    Math thread (Tallin)

    SKy Sports giving both goals to Josh
  5. leo

    Post Mortem

    Boyce was lurking just behind Josh....and that goal shows what we can do when we have two up front... Thought McNair played well, but, if playing as a '10', should have been getting closer to Lafferty.
  6. leo

    Post Mortem

    Jones is something of a 'headless chicken', lot of skill but keeps giving the ball away...and then when he did hit a good low cross in the first half, Lafferty didn't gamble, Surely he could have made a better attempt. Laffs, too, ought to have done better with the headed chance he had just before he was hooked. Thought he could have had more support from Saville and McNair. All too often he was alone in the box up against 2 or 3 defenders. McNair wasn't really getting forward enough, if he was meant to be playing as a '10'. Also, for their goal, we could have let the ball run out for our throw in, had we not tried to play our way out of it, right in front of the North Stand, and then lost the ball. McNair ended up at Right back, didn't he, with Dallas further forward and Josh helping Boyce in the middle....just what we needed, with Josh there for the goal... I wonder how many times McGinn has started and got substituted? put another decent shift in, although at times I thought he could have moved towards the box more, instead of hogging the touchline....maybe trying to get on the end of Jones' wayward crosses. Thought Davis was a lot better tonight than he was against Estonia (thought on Thursday night, in the first half anyway, he looked a bit rusty).
  7. By that time, Big G could be playing for Larne!
  8. I see Conor Hazard was playing for Partick last night. Good to see one of our keepers getting some game time!
  9. leo

    Line up/Match Thread

    Just have to agree with what has already been said. For a 'nothing' game, there was nothing to lose trying two up front, although Grigg is the one you'd want beside Boyce. Even if McGinn had been playing just behind him as a '10'. Boyce works hard, but needs someone closer to him' he 's never going to out jump a defence, or run onto one over the top. Jones - shocking decision making for their second goal, he had 2-3 players to his right. But he was making the wrong choices all night. Granted, sometimes it didn't help Dallas running into his space. Didn't think Davis played that bad, until the last 10 minutes or so, when no doubt he was suffering from the lack of game time. It's not as often Corey Evans is as noticeable. Saville I think needs a goal, after so many near misses. The big positive - Michael Smith.
  10. leo

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    But doesn't he see himself as a midfielder?
  11. leo

    Starting XI v Israel

    The number of subs in a friendly was 6 - unless it has been changed.
  12. leo

    Post mortem

    Think its the best we've seen from Norwood for a while, some superb long diagonal passes, though his set piece delivery wasn't great. Grigg is surely worth a run, though I don't think either him or Boyce can be used as a lone striker; Boyce doesn't have the pace. Either try Grigg with Lafferty against Israel, or start with Grigg and Boyce. Lafferty was too isolated, especially in the first half. Grigg is the closest we have to a 'fox in the box'
  13. leo

    South Korea

    it could have worked again not long after the goal....another low cross from that side was just missed by someone in the middle; a definite let off.
  14. leo

    South Korea

    All the talk, too, about Grigg not being involved because Wigan had an important game today...he was an unused sub. Thought we did rightly, yer boyo from Spurs (no 7) was the best player in the park, and their number 10 and one of their subs also looked good. But they struggled in the air at the back. Why didn't we pitch more long balls up to them, and I couldn't believe Josh taking a throw in a decent position in the second half, and throwing it short. But a good run out and a chance to look at some new players..
  15. Might be a bit harsh dropping Mannus, seeing he's playing every week?