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  1. dmcc_gfc

    Starting line up v Holland

    Thought Saville stepped up last night, great performance from him. He looked wrecked when he came off.
  2. dmcc_gfc

    Starting line up v Holland

    Tiredness, lack of quality. We did well to keep the ball out of our area, until we didn't. Hurts very badly, we look like we have a big game result in us but it wouldn't be enough to get us through now anyway.
  3. dmcc_gfc

    Post Mortem

    Thought it was class, can't imagine too many opera crowds give him that response.
  4. dmcc_gfc

    Post Mortem

    We gave them a proper game of football and lost with our heads held high, put one of those chances away and I think we'd have taken at least a point. They were very, very good in possession (obviously) but didn't react well to sustained pressure that we put them under. The lack of a proven goalscorer has never been more obvious - worse than when we weren't scoring at all! Now we are making chances and not taking them. I always think about the one that Dzeko scored against us at Windsor, almost a half chance that he put away from nowhere, we just don't have that and it will always limit us. if you think about the 0-1 in Paris, vs 0-2 last night, it's complete night and day in terms of football matches. I left the parc des princes on a high whereas last night I felt gutted. Realistically that was our best chance to get a sniff of automatic qualification - still possible but three harder games to come, and both the Germans and the Dutch will now know not to take us lightly.
  5. dmcc_gfc

    Your tactics v Germany

    Agree that McNair is key, if he has a good game I think we will play well overall. Washington has a huge 90 ahead, I was glad to see lavery get a run out on Thurs though because he looks creative in a way that magennis and Washington aren't, not saying he's the next big thing but might be worth some time on the pitch to keep them occupied.
  6. dmcc_gfc

    Joachim Low - Running scared of OWC

    Not sure about his description of us, hasn't been much long ball on show so far this campaign. Maybe he thinks we will switch it up against them. My view is we should give them a proper go, I have watched us lose to them Germans by smallish margins twice now, why not go toe to toe...
  7. dmcc_gfc


    Five years ago lux turned over our first choice eleven in a competitive match, tonight we played a virtual under 21 side and didn't really look troubled, don't understand the negativity it wasn't a proper fixture... Value for money? Maybe not.
  8. dmcc_gfc

    Starting 11 v Germany

    I would be happy to see Whyte in lieu of the injured Jones, I think he might offer more all round tbh. Jones end product has been lacking a bit. (trying to look on the bright side..) Never been so glad to have Dallas playing regularly and well! Essential to have him in the squad for times like this.
  9. dmcc_gfc

    Post mortem

    If Jones can develop an understanding with one of our forwards (Magennis / Washington realistically) then we have the potential to be very dangerous from the wing. But we also looked like we wanted to play through the middle and Saville, Lewis and sometimes McNair all look like they are capable of driving the ball into the box. It's great to see a style develop, my only concern is that playing more 'football' means we will do better on aggregate against poorer teams, but lose some of the backs-to-the-wall grit that has helped us out against superior sides. Bags of belief to get over the line with another late goal, being mentally engaged for the full 90 in that heat and at the end of the season is not easy at all. Great to see.
  10. dmcc_gfc

    Line up V Belarus

    We have learnt how to win and that is priceless. Many better teams than us struggle with that. Play your game, take your chance. Bang.
  11. dmcc_gfc

    Line up V Belarus

    O'Neill said he might need to freshen it up. Washington not had a lot of club time though so don't know if he has 90 in him. McNair is bizarre to me - hoping he grows into his role. Not terrible on dead balls but a strange use for him atm
  12. dmcc_gfc

    Starting Eleven

    Confirmed unchanged.
  13. dmcc_gfc

    Match predictions Northern Ireland v. Belarus

    We should be confident in our ability to keep a clean sheet. One nil, nervy but get the job done. Deflected goal.
  14. dmcc_gfc

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    It could be Rotterdam, or anywhere...