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  1. South Korea

    It made me appreciate the Dallas/Brunt linkup a lot more, you can really see the difference with a pairing who don't play together a lot. Evans spent the first 45 mins directing Lewis as much as anything else, a few times they had a run on similar to what led to their goal (albeit it was a good ball over the top and excellent touch/finish so not blaming Lewis entirely.)
  2. South Korea

    I actually thought he looked lost for large period, didn't know who his man was a lot of the time. That said, he is young and it was their first together him and Jones so maybe not a surprise.
  3. South Korea

    Yeah was a bit odd but also a nice change having away fans that you actually know are there (I am excluding the banner-unfurling, firework-chucking Romanians from that!) Great day out and I would say there are a fair few kids who probably saw their first game yday and will hopefully be hooked!
  4. Starting XI v South Korea

    Boyce, Washington must both get decent game time then, with Laffs out and no Grigg. Saville chance to run the midfield, Jones in for McGinn, Lewis for Dallas, Smyth to make a cameo? Will be an interesting afternoon.
  5. South Korea

    Looking forward to this, novel opposition, few pints, maybe a few new faces in the squad. NZ was OK too although the game wasn't great.
  6. UEFA considering international leagues

    Would love to get to Bosnia, not long back from Serbia and had a great time. Without wishing to cause a diplomatic incident, I would expect more of the same in Bosnia - i.e. big plates of hearty grub, strong drink and decent sightseeing. And yeah it was Elliott on Manninger that night. I think it was the vening the News of the World handed out those free t shirts after the Lennon newspaper article debacle which slandered some of our fans.
  7. South Korea

    Double header w North Korea would be good.
  8. South Korea

    Nice one, some interesting ties coming up this year.
  9. Central America tour

    Was in Panama in Feb this year. Cracking spot but the local beer is watery piss. Mind you it's so hot you will be glad of it. Usual central American deal, lots of poverty/ropey infrastructure but also a mad concentration of hotels and plenty of high rise buildings, the city is a big financial centre. Plenty of good eating in the old town, and can recommend some spots further afield for anyone doing more than an in-and-out. Canal worth a visit. All US dollars rather than the local currency (Balboas).
  10. Cheers mate but have got it sorted through the opera house in the end.

  11. two tickets spare for kop on sale for 50 you can have them for 40 if thats any help.