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  1. silver

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Tend to agree Campbell , hopefully not though . I travel to majority of games , will be doing the double header soon but I won't be anywhere near this game .
  2. silver

    Sell Out v Austria?

    Good question Richard , I fully believed there would be more demand than tickets , but I've been wrong before .
  3. silver

    Central America tour

    Would love to go to 1 game , can't stretch 8/9 days away.
  4. silver

    South Korea

    My tickets arrived but at an address 50 miles away , thanks for posting them to me Andrew .
  5. hello big boy , long time no see/ talk

    you ok m\ate

  6. Havent noticed this option until now. good to see Marty is a friend !

    Iintend to get back on line more often, 5-6 years ago i was in the top 100 posters on this great site.

    Watch this space