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  1. 74thminutewonder

    South Korea tickets

    Ticket sold
  2. 74thminutewonder

    South Korea tickets

    Probably a long shot seeing as tickets are still available on ticketmaster but we’ve now got one spare ticket for the South Korea game. North Stand Upper, Block S, Row F Ticket was £22 but would take less than that rather than it going to waste. If anyone’s interested then let me know.
  3. 74thminutewonder

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Full set of fixtures here: www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/competitions/Draws/02/53/13/55/2531355_DOWNLOAD.pdf
  4. 74thminutewonder

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Thanks for posting the link and your explanation- it's definitely helped me to get my head around how it all works. The one part I'm still confused about is when they mention 'best ranked' or 'overall ranking'. What ranking are they referring to? The UEFA ranking? Eg in the second example they've posted, why are Scotland deemed to be the best ranked team ahead of Serbia, Romania and Albania when they've all finished 2nd in their respective groups?
  5. 74thminutewonder

    UEFA considering international leagues

    So what happens in the situation where say 10 of the 12 teams in League A qualify for Euro 2020 via the standard qualifiers so there are only 2 teams able to compete in the League A play-offs? Do 2 teams from League B take their place and, if so, how are these 2 teams determined? One of the objectives from the Nations League was to allow smaller nations the chance to qualify. If teams have to move up to the play-offs in the league above then surely this defeats the point? Eg. If we don't qualify via the standard qualifiers then I'd rather we were in a Play-off with other teams from League B rather than 2 teams from League A.