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  1. The Dowie

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    I'm not sure I'd prefer the opposition in any other group to be honest. Only Group D might have more appeal. Two games in which we can have many of the advantages of a home match is vaguely preferable on that front I think. One win might be enough again. IF .....
  2. The Dowie

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    Dublin twice is fine by me IF we qualify And it would surely see a bumper Northern Ireland crowd attending, which would be great. Bigger than in Lyon 2016, if tickets are achievable? The Polish crowd would be bumper too. In a tournament in which multiple matches will be difficult to get to for many fans, I'm all for some of the games being just down the road and easily accessible for ours.
  3. The Dowie

    Bass Drums

    Put a dampener on by butting in on the We Love You Michael chant which was still going post match
  4. The Dowie

    Tickets for Dutch fans - home game v Netherlands

    Thanks for that
  5. The Dowie

    Tickets for Dutch fans - home game v Netherlands

    Anyone know what the price was for home end tickets for this match?
  6. The Dowie

    Other groups

    They ran their luck earlier in this group with undeserved results against Denmark, Switzerland and Georgia. Hopefully the Danes can deliver the final blow in Dublin. Again.
  7. The Dowie

    Other groups

    The same host nation nonsense that landed us unluckily in a group with two usual No.1 seed nations
  8. The Dowie

    Post Mortem

    I go for the football. I'm not sure what was worse: Pavarotti impersonator or the sound of Kasabian trying to drown out our post match congratulations to the team 😉
  9. The Dowie

    Post Mortem

    I've seen Sky coverage now and extra angles, and there was conact. Also noticed that the ref seemed ready to blow for it and then changed his mind.
  10. The Dowie

    Post Mortem

    Was assuming from a tv viewer that texted to say 100% pen and my own angle at the time that we had a case for one. But seeing it on tv (BBC angles) it looked like a nothing.
  11. The Dowie

    Score Prediction v Germany

    Good value for a bit of fun I can see the sense in thinking if we hold out then sometthing on the break late could happen That's how Team 33 cracked the Germans a few years ago Can't see Lavery starting
  12. The Dowie

    Score Prediction v Germany

    I think we might scrape a 1-1, thus keeping our foolish dream alive 😉 Betting at bet365 for the optimists: 9/1 a Northern ireland to win at bet365 20/1 a Northern Ireland 1-0 win 75/1 Northern 1-0 / Lavery to score 90/1 Northern ireland 1-0 / Mc Ginn to score 260/1 Northern Ireland 1-0 / Evans to score 260/1 Northern Ireland 1-0 / Cathcart to score
  13. The Dowie

    Germany or Holland Result

    Germany win please
  14. The Dowie

    Math thread (Tallin)

    Never in doubt 😛