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  1. hughes18

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    I suppose they must have wanted to keep the games in the same order (ie we still play Austria at home before we play Norway away).
  2. hughes18

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Yes. https://www.irishfa.com/news/2020/june/new-date-set-for-bosnia-play-off
  3. hughes18

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Bosnia away is Oct 8. Austria home has moved from Oct 8 to Oct 11. Norway away has moved from Oct 11 to Oct 14. Unfortunate for anyone who had booked flights. Potential play-off final at home on Nov 12. Austria away has moved from Nov 14 to Nov 15. Romania home has moved from Nov 17 to Nov 18.
  4. hughes18

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Well, I've just discovered Easyjet have cancelled their Manchester-Belfast flight on the morning of the potential play-off final. I hadn't booked but was intending to if we beat Bosnia. With Flybe going under and Ryanair only operating the route in summer now, we are not in a good moment, as José would say.
  5. hughes18

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Was surprised at how cheap the travel to Oslo and Vienna is sitting (not that I've booked anything yet) and also by how dear Romania is to get to, even from GB. Are there maybe some winter schedules not released yet?
  6. hughes18

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Has be to be confirmed with UEFA 120 days in advance (May 7 by my maths for the Romania game).
  7. hughes18

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    A fairly dull draw. Been to all 3 countries in the last 5.5 years. Happy to go back to Vienna (or elsewhere in Austria) but not fussed on the other two, especially not Norway with its prices.
  8. hughes18

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    I'd like Austria, Serbia, and Israel. Would be more than happy with Bulgaria or Hungary from Pot 4 though. For financial reasons/ease of travel I would accept Wales and/or Scotland as well. Only ones I'd really like to avoid are Russia and Romania. Not keen on Finland but would probably just go to Tallinn again.
  9. hughes18

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Tuesday night or Wednesday morning according to the Amalgamation.
  10. hughes18


    For anyone based in NI, simply chop your fingers off, send them to the North of England NISC, and we'll do the rest. No charge 👌
  11. hughes18

    2020/21 UEFA Nations League

    Agreed, not much new in League B for us. I was quite happy we'd been relegated...
  12. I know you're all just dying to know that UEFA has now confirmed the pots for the 2020/21 Nations League. Draw on March 3 next year. Despite finishing dead last (24th) last time, we're still in League B thanks to the change of group sizes, which also means 6 games instead of 4 (double headers in Sept/Oct/Nov 2020). Pot 1 - Russia, Austria, Wales, Czech Republic Pot 2 - Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland Pot 3 - Slovakia, Turkey, ROI, NI Pot 4 - Bulgaria, Israel, Hungary, Romania https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/competitions/General/02/63/57/88/2635788_DOWNLOAD.pdf?iv=true Can't draw the Beggars at least. I'd like Austria, Serbia, and Bulgaria please.
  13. hughes18

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Not content with bastardising the senior process, UEFA is now introducing a barely comprehensible Nations League-style qualifying process for U19 Euros (and possibly the U17 Euros if they deem this a success). https://www.uefa.com/under19/news/0257-0debe6d21fe9-def6d9192acc-1000--new-nations-league-format-for-u19-euro-how-it-works/?referrer=/under19/news/newsid=2625646 NI will start in League C and, if my reading is correct, will therefore be unable to qualify for the next finals (in Slovakia in 2022). EDIT - we can qualify, but we'd have to be promoted from our League C group in Round 1, and then be promoted from our League B group in Round 2 or 3, so that we're in League A for Round 4 to have a chance. Easy. We start in Group C2, hosts to be confirmed: Belarus, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, San Marino - games to be played by November 2020.
  14. hughes18

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    EDIT - Those dates aren't guaranteed. There's actually a draw to determine which number (E1 E2 E3 E4) we could be. Just because we would be the lowest ranked/seeded team in Group E if we qualify doesn't meant we'd be E4 in the draw. Draw is this Saturday from 5pm. It's definitely two games in Dublin and one in Bilbao though.
  15. hughes18

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    The Amalgamation has posted: "Should Northern Ireland qualify for Euro 2020, it's likely that our first two games will be played in Dublin on Monday 15th and Friday 19th June, followed by a game against Spain in Bilbao on Wednesday 24th June."