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  1. hughes18

    Other groups

    Haha that didn't even occur to me. Difference is I won't be missing any games! Priorities and all that.
  2. hughes18

    Other groups

    I think what Richboy is saying is either: a) that Conor will hopefully be fit and available after his hamstring injury should we have a play-off in March. b) why didn't he take one/both of those chances in the first half against Germany!
  3. hughes18

    Other groups

    I'll be bankrupt after the tournament of we get there. And wedding venues are much more expensive in July than April. Anyway, nothing further off-topic: the date is fixed!
  4. hughes18

    Other groups

    It's far from a mistake, quite the opposite. Could hardly have it in the summer during the Euros could I? It's the finances rather than the timing that's the issue. Wales or Slovakia would do me nicely. Bosnia would be touch and go.
  5. hughes18

    Other groups

    Need to be prepped and ready to pull the trigger the moment the groups conclude, assuming the final standings throw up a definite game like Bosnia away (would obviously have to hold out longer if we can be re-drawn into another path). Have I mentioned the play-offs are three weeks before I get married and 10 days after my stag do? Say a prayer, folks.
  6. hughes18

    Other groups

    Presumably that price is either one-way or a 4-day trip though? There's no Wizz Air flights from Sarajevo to Budapest the day after the (potential) game. Looking like at least £280 return from Manchester.
  7. hughes18

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    If "Ronald Koeman, you're a w***er, you're a w***er" isn't ringing round the stadium then we have failed as a fanbase.
  8. hughes18

    Other groups

    No. If we get Bosnia (or Wales or Slovakia) in the play-off semi-final we will definitely be away. Our only chance of being at home in a play-off semi final is being redrawn into Path A. The draw to determine who is home/away in the play-off final is November 22.
  9. hughes18

    Other groups

    The draw to determine who is home/away for the play-off final is on November 22, three days after the Germany away game. Play-off semi-final is March 26, play-off final is March 31. I really hope the IFA is already planning how they're going to allocate and distribute tickets (home or, god forbid, away) at 5 days' notice. There are 73 days between the play-off final and the tournament starting. Flights to Sarajevo are looking like £250-300 return already.
  10. hughes18

    Other groups

    Yup. Almost guaranteed to be away no matter who we play in the play-off semi-final. Bosnia could still qualify automatically but they probably need to win their remaining three games and hope Finland (favourites to come 2nd) and/or Armenia slip-up. Finland-Armenia draw tonight with Bosnia beating Licky would be nice.
  11. hughes18

    Other groups

    If you're enjoying all the permutation bollocks, this guy is worth a follow: https://twitter.com/DaleJohnsonESPN Personally, and I'm as big a football nerd as you'll find, the whole process of involving the Nations League is pretty joyless imo, especially with added nonsense like needing at least one (of the 12!) host nations in each path. I'll obviously not be complaining if we qualify via the play-offs but it's just so convoluted.
  12. Lavery and Brown have left the senior squad to join the U21s for their qualifier in Romania.
  13. hughes18

    Starting line up v Holland

    It was verging on dangerous. I was right at the front and missed 15 mins of the game. Was also bad in Vienna last year and Hannover before that.
  14. hughes18

    Score Prediction v Holland

    My head would f**king explode if that happened.