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  1. Central America tour

    Lol unless you want a detailed rundown of the wildlife I've seen or which restaurants have taken my girlfriend's fancy then I doubt it would make for much of a read. And I'm not even going I Panama - part-timer! Mark McIntosh from The Sun and Liam Blackburn of PA would be the most likely to, but the honest answer is I don't know. I'm a journalist, albeit not a football one. Maybe I've missed a trick there (or maybe I'd rather just enjoy my holiday lol). Maybe I'll tweet live updates.
  2. Central America tour

    It's very, very bloody warm here for anyone travelling out. It also completely lashes it down without warning. Agree with JCM that San José didn't look up to much, we headed straight for one of the national parks, which are pretty stunning really.
  3. Central America tour

    Disappointed that Lewis has an injury, presumably means Ferguson at left-back? I'd have Smith over Hodson. Nice to see Whyte and it's been a long road back for McCullough. As mentioned, if McGeehan is potentially prepared to fly out immediately after a play-off final then fair enough. Hopefully he's matured like Jones.
  4. Central America tour

    Haven't seen any journalists talking about it, is it definitely today?
  5. Central America tour

    Jordan Jones took ill yesterday and had to have surgery. Players dropping like flies already! EDIT: He suffered a twisted testicle. Ouch.
  6. Central America tour

    Conor McLaughlin has put on Twitter that injury has ended his season. Saville also missed Millwall's last two games through injury.
  7. Central America tour

    Someone hoping they get some loyalty points for buying 18 Panama away tickets they've no intention of using? Also, £145 each lol? https://twitter.com/simplydb26/status/987626482322345990
  8. Central America tour

    That's some route JCM! Buses seem to be superbly cheap in Costa Rica, if slightly infrequent.
  9. Central America tour

    Aye seen it now. £22 for CR and £20 for Panama, bit steeper than you'd have liked but I suppose with both teams going to the World Cup their FAs will be trying to milk their fans for all they can get.
  10. Central America tour

    Has there been an email to lead bookers? I was told about the 11am thing last week but hadn't seen it publicised anywhere.
  11. Central America tour

    Neither kick-off time has been confirmed publicly yet.
  12. South Korea

    I can't remember any for a long time prior to this year. I think someone on here said it was to do with the way the Nations League TV deal works. Don't think KO times have been confirmed yet as I know of a fellow supporter who emailed the IFA to ask. Don't see the games listed on either of the opposition's websites either.
  13. South Korea

    As enjoyable a friendly as I can remember. Decent enough performance without some regulars against good opposition, even more impressive when you consider there were three debutants too. Nice sunny day out too and I'm sure many of the kids there for the first time will be hooked. Just temper their expectations, parents. Saville is going to be an excellent player for us. The free-kick was joyous, as was Smyth's goal obviously. Big G played well too. I see David Parkhouse from the U21s was part of the warm-up, although he wasn't actually on the bench.
  14. Starting XI v South Korea

    Jamie Ward out too if the IFA 12th Man guide is anything to go by.
  15. Starting XI v South Korea

    The two aren't mutually exclusive. Linfield Instagram congratulating him on being called up to the senior squad and Baraclough hinting he could get game time too.