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  1. We're playing Panama and Costa Rica away. I sh*t you not. https://www.irishfa.com/news/2017/december/northern-ireland-to-play-friendlies-against-panama-and-costa-rica
  2. Central America tour

    That's some route JCM! Buses seem to be superbly cheap in Costa Rica, if slightly infrequent.
  3. Central America tour

    Aye seen it now. £22 for CR and £20 for Panama, bit steeper than you'd have liked but I suppose with both teams going to the World Cup their FAs will be trying to milk their fans for all they can get.
  4. Central America tour

    Has there been an email to lead bookers? I was told about the 11am thing last week but hadn't seen it publicised anywhere.
  5. Central America tour

    Neither kick-off time has been confirmed publicly yet.
  6. South Korea

    We're playing South Korea at home on Saturday March 24, KO 2pm. https://www.irishfa.com/news/2018/january/northern-ireland-to-play-south-korea-in-march-friendly Odd kick-off time given there are Irish League games at 3pm that day.
  7. South Korea

    I can't remember any for a long time prior to this year. I think someone on here said it was to do with the way the Nations League TV deal works. Don't think KO times have been confirmed yet as I know of a fellow supporter who emailed the IFA to ask. Don't see the games listed on either of the opposition's websites either.
  8. South Korea

    As enjoyable a friendly as I can remember. Decent enough performance without some regulars against good opposition, even more impressive when you consider there were three debutants too. Nice sunny day out too and I'm sure many of the kids there for the first time will be hooked. Just temper their expectations, parents. Saville is going to be an excellent player for us. The free-kick was joyous, as was Smyth's goal obviously. Big G played well too. I see David Parkhouse from the U21s was part of the warm-up, although he wasn't actually on the bench.
  9. Starting XI v South Korea

    Jamie Ward out too if the IFA 12th Man guide is anything to go by.
  10. Starting XI v South Korea

    The two aren't mutually exclusive. Linfield Instagram congratulating him on being called up to the senior squad and Baraclough hinting he could get game time too.
  11. Starting XI v South Korea

    I reckon Smyth will be on the bench if McGinn and Dallas are out.
  12. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    MON: “Brunt is taking a break from international football at the minute. Me and Chris will continue to talk and in September we will see where he is at.” “Paul Smyth will be part of the U21s squad, he is someone who is definitely in my thoughts.” “Will Grigg wants to be involved but he wants to concentrate on Wigan and their promotion push. In the summer we will see where he is at.”
  13. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    It's usually drip-fed by clubs on Twitter and posted by the IFA about a day before the game. Smyth almost certainly. BPF might want to stay with Leeds given he's just got himself a starting spot.
  14. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    No Brunt. Conor Hazard and Trevor Carson in. No Mannus or BPF. Cathcart, Boyce and Lewis in, no Smyth or Grigg. Trevor Carson Michael McGovern Conor Hazard Aaron Hughes Gareth McAuley Jonny Evans Craig Cathcart Conor McLaughlin Lee Hodson Paddy McNair Jamal Lewis Steven Davis Niall McGinn Ollie Norwood Corry Evans Shane Ferguson Stuart Dallas George Saville Jordan Jones Kyle Lafferty Josh Magennis Jamie Ward Conor Washington Liam Boyce
  15. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Rory Holden from Derry has been getting very positive reviews in Bristol City's U23 team, would hope he is in the squad for the Spain & Iceland double-header.
  16. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    No U21 games scheduled after this month until the next qualifiers in September. Purplehaze makes a good point about the make-up of the U21 squad - lads playing competitive men's football, albeit not always at the highest level, is better than a squad full of academy players.
  17. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    I'd be surprised if Ferguson, a permanent fixture in O'Neill's squads when fit, is dropped. He's been fit for a few weeks now, just can't get in the Millwall team. Hodson and D Lafferty are on more on the fringes. There's definitely an argument for Dummigan or Michael Smith being called up ahead of Hodson based on game time this season. Goss would certainly leapfrog Lund if he's on board. Fair point about Ward, he's not been involved with Cardiff since Feb 13. Might pave the way for Grigg...
  18. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    There aren't going to be wholesale changes. Cathcart is still out, I think Smyth will be with U21s, Goss maybe not sorted yet. J Thompson, S Lavery etc still a long way off a call-up. Looking at the 27 named for the Switzerland play-off games, you might get the following changes: Roy Carroll (Trevor Carson) Michael McGovern Alan Mannus Aaron Hughes Gareth McAuley Jonny Evans Chris Brunt? Conor McLaughlin Lee Hodson Paddy McNair Daniel Lafferty Rory McArdle (Jamal Lewis) Tom Flanagan Steven Davis Niall McGinn Ollie Norwood Corry Evans Shane Ferguson Stuart Dallas Paul Paton (Liam Boyce) Matthew Lund George Saville Jordan Jones Kyle Lafferty Josh Magennis Jamie Ward Conor Washington
  19. South Korea

    I think Lewis will be in the senior squad but Smyth will stay with the U21s for competitive games against high-quality opposition in Spain and Iceland, in a group where we're doing better than expected (albeit still unlikely to progress from). I'd expect both to be on the summer tour. Does anyone know when the actual squad announcement is?
  20. Northern Ireland will host Israel in a friendly international at the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park on Tuesday 11 September (kick-off 7.45pm). https://www.irishfa.com/news/2018/february/northern-ireland-to-play-israel-in-september-friendly
  21. South Korea

    But sure there were 40,000 people on the waiting list for campaign cards?
  22. Central America tour

    There's definitely a few already booked. I'm going to Costa Rica but unlikely to be in Panama.
  23. v Bosnia on Saturday September 8 - 2pm v Austria on Sunday November 18 - 5pm Along with the 2pm Saturday kick-off time for the South Korea friendly. What's with the sh*te kick-off times?
  24. Home game kick-off times

    Yes, should have known they were dictated by TV. At least they're both weekend games.
  25. UEFA considering international leagues

    Our allocation probably won't be 5k. Away allocations are 'a minimum of 5%' for the NL. If they play at Ernst-Happel-Stadion in Vienna then 5% of 50,865 = 2,543.