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  1. South Korea

    There is such a thing as an entertaining friendly! Enjoyable day out. I'm sure loads of kids enjoyed their first NI match. Having Korean fans scattered throughout the Kop even added to the occasion. Decent atmosphere. koreans were abit unlucky to lose but there you go! Delighted for Paul Smyth - hopefully he fulfils his potential and is a good attacking option for us in the years to come.
  2. Starting XI v South Korea

    He's suspended for Iceland on Monday night I think so doesn't need to be rested for it.
  3. South Korea

    Match now a sell out! Great stuff. Friendlies are traditionally terrible but for some reason I'm quite looking forward to this one now!
  4. South Korea

    Fair enough, no offence intended to our disabled fans who I agree shouldn't lose out in any effort to increase capacity!
  5. South Korea

    I agree with you, we should have went for 25k. But can anything be done now? I'm thinking about the Upper South Stand. Could surely fit an extra 2k seats in there and push the capacity to around 20k. I wonder is this something on the radar of the IFA at all? I'm aware its currently used for disabled supporters. If its still required by these supporters that's fair enough. Or could our disabled supporters be accommodated at the back of the family stand and in front of the North Stand?
  6. South Korea

    Good stuff. I hope we're rewarded with an entertaining friendly for once.
  7. Happy as well. Bosnia is a new opponent. We'll take a big crowd to Vienna, hopefully a weekend game!
  8. South Korea

    Games bound to be moved to the Friday night. Clubs need permission I think to play a match within 5 hours of a home NI match. But the Irish League clubs wouldn't want to anyway as it would severely hit their attendances.
  9. South Korea

    That sounds quite good! Think I'll head along to that! Me giving up friendlies has lasted one game
  10. Another summary here. Whole thing seems a good idea. https://twitter.com/henrywinter/status/918048299256606720 UEFA site: http://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/news/newsid=2507364.html#/