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  1. Aye no idea on what grounds they'd be suing. Strange
  2. Thought it was mainly cringey but I did smile at a few points during the video. Weren't happy with the feedback or someone higher up wasn't impressed obviously!
  3. Rod

    Post Mortem

    Murley silver band (Fivemiletown) and Dungannon Silver band used to do pre match music and the anthems regularly back in the day!
  4. Rod

    Post Mortem

    Haven't seen Washington's second chance yet on TV, sounds like it'll just annoy me! Hard to be anything but proud of the team after last night, ran themselves into the ground and had a go at the Germans. Chances missed are incredibly frustrating but the Germans had plenty more near misses. Never seen a team play from the back quite as much as the Germans. Was convinced we'd catch them out at some point but never quite happened. Jamal Lewis was a great find for us, so good in possession. Whyte did well when he came on. Don't think it was the right game for big Josh, we needed more mobile quick players to live with the Germans. Proud as usual to be a NI Supporter. March to the stadium was very good. Hopefully the Police don't try to clamp down on the marches in the future - made the walk to the ground enjoyable. Atmosphere excellent in the stadium. Read plenty of praise of us online from people watching. Sounds like there's a chance we could sneak a play off place but wont get my hopes up.
  5. Rod

    Sea of Green and more...

    I notice one of the NI Facebook Pages is trying to drum up support for a Fans march at 6.30pm from the top of Tate's Avenue. Good luck to them for trying to create a buzz.
  6. Rod


    I accept we are on a good run which will obviously have a big impact on demand but the NI national team has a following / the goodwill in the country the IFA could only dream of 20 years ago. And while this may wane when we become rubbish again I'd confidently say it'll never go back to the 90s when I was near enough considered an oddball for running about in a NI top by people. The team is now a big part of a lot of people's identity. People are so desperate for tickets for some of our matches that they're signing up to the IFA money racket of that Priority Scheme so that they can get in front of the queue. I've a cousin who was busting to get 2 Campaign Cards for the Family Stand for him and his son but that stand in particular sold out straight away as it was reasonably priced. I don't think anyone is suggesting we need a 35,000 stadium but a 25,000 stadium would have been filled regularly and if there's 14,000 in it for a rubbish friendly or 20,000 in it for a non-glamour competitive match I don't see the issue. Following NI to away matches over the years we seem to be one of the few international teams who play in a full stadium. Anyway its all academic as its clear the capacity wont be changing. I accept the hardcore fans will be fine for tickets with our capacity but there thousands of more casual fans who will continue to miss out regularly on tickets, particularly on the big games.
  7. Rod


    Agree, I wasn't being sarcastic with the last comment! Getting 14K for a friendly against a low profile opposition on a Thursday night shows that in hindsight we should have went for a 25K stadium. Would easily fill it for competitive matches if priced reasonably.
  8. Rod


    14,108 is the attendance. IFA will be pleased you'd imagine. Further proof we should have added a few thousand to the capacity if we can get that crowd for a rubbish Thursday night friendly!
  9. With Rangers in the Europa Cup and Gerrard liking to use his squad Jones will still get a decent amount of football if his form is ok.
  10. Not confirmed but being reported from "Sky Sports Sources". Have read speculation it could be bad enough so I'd settle for him being back for the Dutch games at this point.
  11. Rod

    Germany or Holland

    I'm sure this has been covered 100 times but if we do end of coming 3rd in this group is there still some scenarios that'll mean we can qualify for the Euros? We'll have a decent points total.
  12. Rod

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I'm leaving it to closer the time but that's the only way I'll head, buy a few tickets for the North/South Stand if I can get someone else to go. Get a good view of the game for once. Be lucky to get over 10K at this game I'd say. Had to smile at the IFA spin e-mail!
  13. Rod

    Post Mortem

  14. Rod

    Post Mortem

    Still smiling about last night 🙂 Jones seems to be a player who's going to split opinions. Half the people commenting online seem to think he was one of the best players last night and half think he was terrible. I know he's clearly a handful for defenders but I found him frustrating for large spells last night and was glad when Ferguson came on. Wasn't convinced beforehand about BPF, but he's justified his selection in the last 2 matches. Some big saves in both games. I've always liked big Kyle but if he doesn't regain his form at club level I don't think he should start again. Hasn't been good the last 2 games. Big Josh did brilliantly for the winner. Pleased for him as he's clearly a great bloke. Hopefully he doesn't mind us singing the new version of his song. Jamal Lewis was excellent I thought. Atmosphere was good last night. No complaints about it. We've a good chance of beating Estonia out there. Belarus away will be difficult.
  15. Rod

    Post Mortem

    It wasn't terrible and improved when the goals started going in... but it wasn't great. Might have been nervousness/frustration about if we were going to score but it seemed more like people were just apathetic. With a bit more drink on board and it not being a school night I'm hoping Sunday will be better.