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  1. Happy to let Michael deal with it. Kyle clearly didn't fancy the matches which I find disappointing and surprising. Does he like a lot of supporters consider these games 'glorified friendlies'? But kyle's done a hell of a lot for us over the years and he's still got alot to offer if his attitude is right. No point going full 'lynch mob' on him.
  2. Him and the wife have a newborn. He's been on the bench the last 2 games. Got on for a few minutes on Sunday.
  3. Michael doesn't sound impressed. Worrying as Kyle is still an important player for us. Hopefully now that he's at a high profile club it doesn't mean his focus/commitment for NI suffers.
  4. Rod

    Sell Out v Austria?

    After Bosnia, people have realised Nations Cup games matter and aren't glorified friendlies?
  5. I'm tempted to head down but from conversations I've had with the people I sit with and other block bookers I know and there's no huge interest in the match. Not sure if that's representative of the support or my circle of friends are getting old or boring!
  6. Rod

    Post mortem

    Overall I find it hard to criticise the team too much as they played some of the best football I've ever seen us play and they ran themselves into the ground. But I agree, abit worrying we couldn't create more clear cut chances despite being so on top and equally worrying the opponents scored twice when they'd so few chances/possession. 😂 Wait til you see tomorrow night! I looked at ticketmaster on Friday and thought it was heading to a sell out but there was quite a few empty seats. I'm hearing plenty of talk about pricing. Think the IFA need to be careful not to get carried away with what they can charge. Most people at the match seemed up for the match, atmosphere was decent, but its clear a section of our supporters concluded the Nations Cup was a glorified friendly.
  7. Rod

    Post mortem

    The short corners didn't work but it was clear a decision was made that the Bosnians were big lads and we weren't going to have any joy just whipping it in. But clearly we should have put a few more in. Mcauleys threat was missed. Can't really criticise the team, thought they were excellent for much of the game and played some great stuff. Got in a lot of great positions and created plenty of half chances. Admittedly we failed to create many great chances. Bosnians were a big solid stubborn team at the back, with us dominating possession it really feels likes roles reversal compared to normal. big Kyle hadn't a great game. Feels like with the promising situations we were creating we could have done with abit of Grigg poaching earlier on. Bailey-Peacock will be disappointed, poor clearance for the 1st goal and beaten to the ball for the 2nd goal. Ah well, on most other days we'd have won that game. We've done what Bosnia did to us today on plenty of other teams over the years. decent atmosphere. Hope the ladies in the dressing gowns evacuated from the Olympia leisure centre enjoyed the attention of a few thousand football fans 😀
  8. Aye posted about that the other day. Looks like maybe 11-12,000 for it. The Kop looked the worst area!
  9. Looking at Ticketmaster there's probably a few hundred tickets (mainly in the South Stand) left for tomorrow. Not far off a sell out. Good stuff - looking forward to it now!
  10. The Bosnia game will sell out but I'm slightly surprised that a Saturday competitive game isn't proving more popular. A sign that the public aren't really buying into the Nations Cup games being proper competitive games. Hopefully this isn't reflected in the atmosphere.
  11. Rod

    Central America tour

    Stronger squad than I was expecting. Changed times as someone else said.
  12. Rod

    South Korea

    There is such a thing as an entertaining friendly! Enjoyable day out. I'm sure loads of kids enjoyed their first NI match. Having Korean fans scattered throughout the Kop even added to the occasion. Decent atmosphere. koreans were abit unlucky to lose but there you go! Delighted for Paul Smyth - hopefully he fulfils his potential and is a good attacking option for us in the years to come.
  13. Rod

    Starting XI v South Korea

    He's suspended for Iceland on Monday night I think so doesn't need to be rested for it.
  14. Rod

    South Korea

    Match now a sell out! Great stuff. Friendlies are traditionally terrible but for some reason I'm quite looking forward to this one now!
  15. Rod

    South Korea

    Fair enough, no offence intended to our disabled fans who I agree shouldn't lose out in any effort to increase capacity!