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  1. Rod

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I see the IFA are going to have a billboard campaign across NI ahead of the start of the Euro Qualifiers. Its going to feature NI fans and be titled 'Green and White'. Not meaning to be miserable here (in a way I suppose it'll be nice to see them as you drive about) but I still don't quite understand the point of them? I don't get the impression they're being done to sell a few unsold tickets for the Belarus match.
  2. Rod

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Zero glamour. Mid week friendly. £15 would be plenty.
  3. Rod

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Rubbish friendly. Tickets would need to be cheap and freebies handed out to youth groups to get a half respectable crowd.
  4. Rod

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    How many qualify from the group? How screwed are we?
  5. Rod

    Line up/Match Thread

    Slightly disheartened after yesterdays game. Disappointed with the atmosphere from not far off a full house. It was poor. The South Korea friendly had a better atmosphere. Missed Jamal Lewis which is abit ridiculous since he's only been with us 5 minutes. Jones is perhaps more suited to coming in off the bench. Boyce had some nice bits of play in the 1st half but the centre back had the beating of him with the big hoofs up to him and he got zero joy as the game went on. Lafferty should have come on earlier. Last 10 minutes we began to struggle badly. Fatigue from big players not playing week in week out? Worrying if the team are going to be like that in future qualifiers. The players are clearly doing their best but we're in a non-winning rut with little cutting edge up front. Hopefully the break (to March?) will help us and everyone will come back with positive mentality.
  6. I'd be hopeful that forum isn't representative of their support / Irish society because that forum is full of horrible c**ts. I assume it's the SF supporters / armchair republican section of their support making themselves heard as our existence clearly winds them up.
  7. I'm still not sure I understand the repeated "he's one of our own" McClean chants. Not against it, just not sure what to think about it!! Irony I suppose. ybig forum quite amusing reading. We're scum for doing the bouncy apparently. If a boy waving a flag of a British Army Regiment and the bouncy is all they have on us the IFA Community Relation people can rest easy. Apparently plenty of IRA stuff in their end but other than the embarrassing Icelandic clap I didn't hear them all game. Good day out even if no bar in Dublin would let us in. Carry out it was. we were good. They were rubbish. We just can't score 😕
  8. He's a big Celtic man who doesn't hide the fact he hates Rangers so Rangers fans obviously hate him. Also doesn't "rise above it" and gives it back to the fans. The sort of person you love him if he's playing for you but rival fans hate him. From a purely NI POV he has said some dodgy things which would mean I'd be wary of him but overall he doesn't deserve our hatred/abuse.
  9. Too young myself but its not the first time he said this. Hughes18 has said on another thread he added something along the line of "maybe it was because I was playing crap" but from his overall comments its clearly being interpreted that he meant he wasn't accepted initially because of his background. If its true you cant criticise him too much for saying it but not sure its overly helpful going down this route ahead of the next weeks match.
  10. Loads of buses being organised judging by facebook
  11. I wonder is that the plan. Mightn't be the worst idea, I know the fans mixed well at the Euros, but cant see it ending well if both sets of fans congregate in the same bars in Dublin. I'd imagine the majority of bars won't want any NI fans near them. Although perhaps they'll be reluctant to play a part in us getting boozed up.
  12. The 2 other block bookers who I go to matches with aren't going but took a notion last night and booked a place on a local supporters bus. I was one of the 100 or so who ignored the boycott last time. It was sh*t. Hoping this one is a bit better! In the end I couldn't resist an away match 100 miles down the road and the possibility of watching us beat the ROI in Dublin. Am assuming they'll be a couple of thousand of us at least and we should create a decent atmosphere!
  13. Rod

    Line up/match thread

    Was thinking that myself. We'd rotten luck in Michael's 1st campaign and then came good the following campaign. We've had no luck in this competition. Suppose it showed we were missing our 3 main strikers tonight. Not sure if Washington had a genuine reason to not travel but I'm abit more pissed off with lafferty than I was when he first pulled out, the big idiot has let us down. A little confused about the new lad, Vassel, and what he brings to the squad. Still not madly impressed by Baily-Peacock but I'm sure he'll prove his worth in time. fingers crossed we can beat that lot in Dublin and Austrians next month and get the feel good factor back again.
  14. Happy to let Michael deal with it. Kyle clearly didn't fancy the matches which I find disappointing and surprising. Does he like a lot of supporters consider these games 'glorified friendlies'? But kyle's done a hell of a lot for us over the years and he's still got alot to offer if his attitude is right. No point going full 'lynch mob' on him.