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  1. BigDavyG

    Post mortem

    Agree on Dallas. Think he'll get a lot of good reviews for his performance, but the final ball was very, very poor by and large.
  2. BigDavyG

    Post mortem

    Despite the result there's obviously a lot of positives to take out of that performance. We played some lovely stuff, though the positivity is tempered somewhat by a sneaking suspicion that Bosnia are fairly pish and that they were happy enough sitting deep rather than our pressing forcing them back. Aside from Cathcart looking half-cut my biggest concerns were the waste from corners and wide positions - these are situations any team should be able to improve significantly on the training ground. On top of that, when it was obvious we weren't getting the results our possession merited from wide positions we made no attempt to thread balls or beat men through the middle. Trying to mix it up a bit might have also improved the quality of situations we ended up in on the flanks.
  3. A fiver for a hotdog? Merry Christmas to you too ballbeg.