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  1. BigDavyG

    Post Mortem

    Don't abuse the Liverpool player, but the former Everton manager is fair game?? Kopites really are a bunch of wums
  2. BigDavyG

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    Always was. Most dutch i've met have been sound, but often a touch of arrogance about them. Koeman has then with none of the soundness. He was a twat at everton.
  3. BigDavyG

    Other groups

    Great work on this thread. Invaluable stuff for those of us who haven't spent the 46 hours required to understand how the playoffs work.
  4. BigDavyG

    Starting line up v Holland

    What an effort for 80 minutes. Almost one of the great nights.
  5. BigDavyG

    Line up V Belarus

    Must have been watching a different match. Thought Jones and Evans (J) were the stand outs.
  6. BigDavyG

    Line up V Belarus

    Lolol. McNair. Told yees he'd been playing well.
  7. BigDavyG

    Line up V Belarus

    Laffs playing to form. Could have been sent off for that lunge.
  8. BigDavyG

    Line up V Belarus

    Been v v poor in both matches. You can excuse a lot of our limitations with the small player pool, etc bit set pieces shouldn't be one of those things. Saville been putting himself about well since he came on.
  9. BigDavyG

    Line up V Belarus

    McNair isn't great in advanced positions, is he
  10. BigDavyG

    Line up V Belarus

    Fair. But i can see Josh and Wash interchanging a bit vs Boyce plowing a lone furrow.
  11. BigDavyG

    Line up V Belarus

    Amazed that we are starting with 2 up front for once. Great stuff. If we can start the way we did on Sunday we might be able to convert a chance or two.
  12. BigDavyG

    Math thread (Tallin)

    Jaysus. We've stolen this big time.
  13. BigDavyG

    Math thread (Tallin)

    It is almost like we are a different team after switching to 2 up front
  14. BigDavyG

    Math thread (Tallin)

    Omg. Never seen a team fall for a short corner like that before.
  15. BigDavyG

    Math thread (Tallin)

    Oh yes. Now that was nice.