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  1. 2-2, revealing issues in defence and promise in attack.
  2. davidbr

    Score Prediction v Costa Rica

    Heart : 0-0 Head : 1-0 loss.
  3. davidbr

    Central America tour

    Slightly surprised that Ben Reeves hasn't been called up - maybe he's on his hols. Great opportunity for Paddy McNair to continue his late season form in centre midfield, with Stuart Dallas, and Corry Evans alongside. Assuming we play 5-3-2 / 3-5-2.
  4. davidbr

    Score Prediction v Panama

    0-0 Could be dour. According to World Soccer, Panama are a defensively minded 5-4-1 side with ageing centre-backs protected by two defensive midfielders, who aim to hit on the break.
  5. davidbr

    South Korea

    Great result. S'Korea were very good. The opening minutes looked like a re-run of the last Germany match and I feared a 3 or 4 goal hammering. We were slow, rusty, losing 50/50s, and unable to string two passes together - except if the last one went back to the goalkeeper. Thankfully we started to get stuck into them, and their defence also looked vulnerable. I thought Washington did a great job of unsettling them when he came on. Carson was excellent. Lewis had a very hard introduction to international football but settled and looked good coming forward. Sadly, Jones hardly got a kick - one run in the first half is all that stands out - (all the long balls seemed to be aimed at Ward). Delighted for Paul Smyth - what a debut. When's the last time we won without Davis in the side?
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    Starting XI v South Korea

    Try this: https://tvplayer.com/watch/freesports Free sign-up.
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    UEFA considering international leagues

    Really interesting points Gary. A couple more: 1/ A polarising factor from the mid-to-late 90s onwards must be the internet. 2/ The profile of the RoI team on UK TV rose hugely in 1988, from short highlights earlier in the 1980s, and nothing at all in the 1970s until the Euro 1980 qualifiers. Regarding Belfast boys turning up to support the RoI in Lithuania 1993 - I remember reading something around that time by one of the regular RoI away support, saying that Lithuania (or Latvia) 1993 was the first time they'd had Northerners turning up and spoiling the atmosphere with 'political' songs and chants. The culprits were told they were not welcome at future away games.