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  1. ynwa

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I’m really trying to adopt that attitude but can’t help feeling that our luck just ain’t getting any better.
  2. ynwa

    Line up/Match Thread

    Yes, I saw that Jim. I think the reason they were there was to do their N.A. shout. I’m sure they saw none of the game.
  3. ynwa

    Line up/Match Thread

    Some real spanners in the Kop last night. 3 who were 2 rows in front of me couldn’t even get to their seats without falling every step. Then spent the whole game taking selfies of themselves..
  4. ynwa

    Austria at home.

    It did. 👍
  5. ynwa

    Line up/Match Thread

    Playing a stupid pointless game against the Beggars a few days before this game didn’t help our cause any.
  6. ynwa

    Austria 12th man guide

    And your surprised ???
  7. ynwa

    Post mortem

    You do now then
  8. ynwa

    Post mortem

    The only stat. that counts is Goals 1 vs 2
  9. ynwa

    Line up/match thread

    If nothing else, we now know some of the “ new younger players” need more experience and some just won,t make it.
  10. ynwa

    Post Mortem

    This and this again. We need 2 up front on Monday. Grigg was on for 12 minutes and came closest to scoring.
  11. ynwa

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    I feel better now for snubbing it.
  12. ynwa

    South Korea

    A chance to see some of the young lads get a run out.
  13. Hi,

    Have a spare for the North Stand. Let me know either way. Cheers.