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  1. ripley

    Post Mortem

    What did O'Neill say about Norwood?
  2. ripley

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Simon convey on Twitter critising the roi fans for booing GSTQ. Only criticism of ni fans causing any traction is a photo of some wab with a parachute regiment flag on a bus. Oh and Jamie Bryson critising the roi fans for displaying a flag with a balaclava terrorist on it - turns out it was actually the Munster crest!
  3. ripley

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Be great if our fans just ignored him - can’t see it happening though.
  4. ripley

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    With the annual 'poor oppressed McClean' situation - I can't see our support coming out of this fixture untarnished. No idea why the IFA thought this would be a good idea.
  5. ripley

    Central America tour

    interesting quote from O'Neill on striker selection: “I want to play Josh Magennis and Liam Boyce. So there’s no need to bring Kyle, Conor, Will Grigg etc...”
  6. ripley

    Central America tour

    Feel for Michael Smith at Hearts not getting a look in with national team despite featuring regularly in SPL.