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  1. the kop stop

    Game to be played in Rotterdam

    Oh yeah, see that now on trainline.eu. Wonky Sheep are doing coaches, never used them before but £19 per person seems decent. Train is around £29.
  2. the kop stop

    Game to be played in Rotterdam

    looks like the last train back to the dam is at 10pm though...
  3. the kop stop

    Line up/match thread

    We don't have any international class strikers mate, that's the problem. Vassell looks a dud.
  4. the kop stop

    Campaign Cards

    Remind me, what is classed as "The Grandstand"? The entire North Stand or just certain sections? Grandstand prices are around 80 quid more expensive than general admission if going for Gold membership... 60 quid or so for Silver. £326 for gold membership in Grandstand, 7 games, £46.50 per game on average.