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  1. I wonder do we have any injury problems? I can see that McCalmont and Galbraith posted on social media that they are in Holland. I wonder if they've been added to the squad.
  2. ElCapitan

    Starting line up v Holland

    Experience, maybe, but he's shown absolutely nothing in the past 3 years to warrant a starting berth for us. The fact that he's now unsuccesfully ploughing a career for a team that Ballymena United would probably beat says it all. If it weren't for injuries I doubt he'd be in the squad.
  3. ElCapitan

    Starting line up v Holland

    Lafferty should be nowhere near the starting line up. Could McGinn play the Washington role? (Hopefully being able to retain his balance if he finds himself in front of an open goal).
  4. Some absolute scrooges on here ffs. I thought it was pretty creative so fair play. It wasn't all that long ago we had a website that had worse graphics than Ceefax p302!
  5. ElCapitan

    Squad for Luxembourg and Germany

    Aye but haven't seen anything confirming he had been ruled out. Fancied him to have a stormer against the Germans so hopefully there is still a chance he can make it....
  6. ElCapitan

    Squad for Luxembourg and Germany

    Has that been confirmed?
  7. ElCapitan

    Squad for Luxembourg and Germany

    Lavery called up in place of Paul Smyth (are we sure Michael was the correct smudger to pick up an injury?)
  8. ElCapitan

    Post Mortem

    Doesn't look like it judging by Michael's latest comments. I appreciate that it is personal but surely we are due some sort of explanation? We've been pretty loyal to him when he was sitting on his arse at multiple clubs.
  9. ElCapitan

    Minutes Silence

    It was really poorly done. But then again we have some complete plebs in our support who would have disrespected it if it was right before ko - like the vile c**t came in beside us and said 'I sincerely hope not' when he asked what the silence was for.
  10. ElCapitan

    Squad for Belarus and Estonia at home

    Really disappointed about Norwood. He looks like he is in great form. I fear letting Lafferty and Grigg back in the squad has set a precedent when it comes to 'personal reasons'
  11. ElCapitan

    Line up/Match Thread

    He's an absolute moonbeam! Spent most of his time in the stand talking absolute ballix to my girlfriend and was completely oblivious when we scored!
  12. ElCapitan

    Bosnia. And Herzegovina too. What are they like?

    That's fair enough but do you really think that some of their players being Muslim is motivation for that?
  13. ElCapitan

    Bosnia. And Herzegovina too. What are they like?

    Wow. You sir really are an eejit.