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  1. J.Q.

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Booked Austria Enjoyed it last time BA from City £170 ret
  2. J.Q.

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Any word on fixtures yet ?
  3. J.Q.

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    Is it confirmed ? booking a few free cancellations
  4. J.Q.

    Other groups

    Nice. So to secure this we need Hungary to beat the Taffs ?
  5. J.Q.

    Other groups

    If we go into path A - am I right in saying Iceland are currently top seed and we would be 4th seed, so would play them away ?
  6. J.Q.

    Other groups

    https://www.uefa.com/european-qualifiers/news/0254-0d40fc7db8ee-f6fe04623679-1000--play-offs-as-they-stand/ A in in 4 chance we go to path one now. Im sure this might change again over the weekend
  7. Is Michael Smith out too ? Don’t see his name on 12th Man squad
  8. J.Q.

    Starting line up v Holland

    Jamal Lewis injured apparently scan on elbow required. Bad news
  9. J.Q.

    Post mortem

    some familiar faces here !
  10. J.Q.

    Line up V Belarus

    Well done lads & hats off to the folks that made the trip(s) a few years ago we would have bottled that, wasn’t it a Latvia & Iceland double header we threw it away a few years ago ?MON doing a fantastic job. Cant wait for the next 2 games
  11. J.Q.

    Math thread (Tallin)

    short version mate.
  12. J.Q.

    Post Mortem

    Can still taste the Buckfast. Good idea at the time ffs.
  13. J.Q.

    Starting Eleven

    Had TalkSPORT on today a few times all chat about all of the other home nations & the Beggars was same Thursday not one mention for us. Or did I miss it ?
  14. J.Q.

    Post Mortem

    Lewis is so good u played him twice GAWA