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  1. Is Michael Smith out too ? Don’t see his name on 12th Man squad
  2. J.Q.

    Starting line up v Holland

    Jamal Lewis injured apparently scan on elbow required. Bad news
  3. J.Q.

    Post mortem

    some familiar faces here !
  4. J.Q.

    Line up V Belarus

    Well done lads & hats off to the folks that made the trip(s) a few years ago we would have bottled that, wasn’t it a Latvia & Iceland double header we threw it away a few years ago ?MON doing a fantastic job. Cant wait for the next 2 games
  5. J.Q.

    Math thread (Tallin)

    short version mate.
  6. J.Q.

    Post Mortem

    Can still taste the Buckfast. Good idea at the time ffs.
  7. J.Q.

    Starting Eleven

    Had TalkSPORT on today a few times all chat about all of the other home nations & the Beggars was same Thursday not one mention for us. Or did I miss it ?
  8. J.Q.

    Post Mortem

    Lewis is so good u played him twice GAWA
  9. J.Q.

    Late Train ?

    Anybody know if there’s a late train/ late trains on for Sunday night ?
  10. J.Q.

    Campaign Cards

    I thought we had til 13th. However. I rang IFA earlier today & they said it needs sorting by THIS THURSDAY Ive contacted them 3 times re my new bank details. 3 times I’ve been told something completely different regarding what to do next ( not surprised at all ) also very awkward that the website isn’t mobile friendly
  11. J.Q.

    Campaign Cards

    I've a new credit card too couldnt update it on ticketmaster so mailed IFA. They sent me a link. Link wouldn't work on mobile device. Link worked on laptop but wouldn't let me update card details as old card was part of payment plan, so I had to do it over the phone with IFA If anyone is in same pickle you'd be better ringing IFA instead of messing around. To be fair I should have sorted it out weeks ago, kinda forgot about the payment today, don't remember seeing an email reminder ?
  12. J.Q.

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Not a bit Stephen. Train was a fair mix of us and them. No hassle, no banter even, just kinda ignored each other with the odd polite nod of the head. Train between Amsterdam and Rotterdam is dead on. They upgraded the line a few years back. BUY A TICKET FOR INTERCITY DIRECT TRAIN Cost you about €2.50 extra but takes 40 mins as opposed to an hour and quarter
  13. J.Q.

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Booked hotels in Amsterdam and Rotterdam with free cancellation all bases covered
  14. J.Q.

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Ferry is grand mate. Did it a few years ago. Similar to a trip to Cairnryan booked easyjet to Amsterdam got it for £200 last night. Mate going via Dublin for £118 Has it been confirmed that the game is in Amsterdam?