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  1. Central America tour

    Surely cant be at 11am.....
  2. South Korea

    Was Aaron taken off due to injury or tactical change?
  3. South Korea

    Well said...
  4. South Korea

  5. South Korea

    Planning to go for a bite to eat after the game on sat, anywhere in the cathedral qtr good/bad for GAWA colours?
  6. South Korea Match Predictions

    What funny ( not dogs in your own country abusive) chants could we have? On the assumption someone can come up wi something sensible/catchy, this is the kind of thing which encourages young supporters. Whether u like or agree with Wgof, a lot of fans love it especially young fans ( the future koppites) ....
  7. South Korea Match Predictions

    Lookin forward to our interaction with the South Korea massive....
  8. South Korea

    When you say front of the North stand, do u mean on the Tarmac as per pre-stadium upgrade?, please tell me you're not serious. There are currently wheelchair accessible places in several small pockets in the South stand plus the back of the East stand, there are also ambulant seats in a smaller number of places, these are being well utilised even though there hasn't been a major marketing drive with regards to fans with disabilities, in that many potential disabled fans aren't aware of the facilities available. But of course fans with disabilities should have the choice of all sides of the stadium, and should not be herded into one particular area. Im sure with today's building technology, experience from other stadium designs, there are options to increase capacity without removing provision (which has been a long time coming) from fans with disabilities.
  9. Central America tour

    Apart from John Lennon.....not a fan of his political opinion...
  10. Central America tour

    They're brilliant photos Jonny, want to go even more now, agree with u about once in a lifetime trip opportunity. Hey hope u didn't pay more than 35c for that food, it's not a winner winner chicken dinner! Lim like the green & white Panama hat idea.... if trip becomes a goer, would defo be interested in doin that San Jose tour.
  11. March Friendlies?

    Now that is intriguing, have we ever played SK b4? hope ifa have double checked to make sure it's not NK, tough defence to beak down
  12. Central America tour

    Cheers laird, will try that out...
  13. Central America tour

    Your travel adventures and wanderlust are to be admired, but we would be looking at a 'less raw' experience... Maybe a trip to Panama City take in the match and canal, fly to San Jose for the match there and then a nice relaxing CR coastal resort (maybe with a day trip thrown into the mix) would be our thinking. obviously you do the travelling on a budget using internal public transport etc but can you advise on any travel companies who provide a good service and well costed itineraries? can any other GAWA personally recommend any travel companies who would be good to contact re: Panama/Costa Rica itineraries?
  14. Central America tour

    Jonny, did u stay in any coastal resorts in costa rica?, we re thinking of doin 2-3wk hol there and take in the 2 games but would to be there for costa rica wc opener on 17th june.