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  1. Central America tour

    that sounds amazing, what an experience... Love hearing about trips like that rather than just beer guzzling. Costa Ricans must've been v.surprised to see so many NI fans there....hats off to all those GAWA who made the long journey
  2. Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    Apart from goin to the match cause im a NI fan, i want to go even more now if it irks sin fein barstewards on any way.
  3. Score Prediction v Panama

    2-0, they're at home and players fans will have the World Cup incentive while we've an inexperienced/experimental squad/team.
  4. Central America tour

    Hey Hughes18, any chance of u doin some regular snippets, as above. Makes us home birds feel a bit closer to the action. aubrey
  5. Central America tour

    would love to be going but couldn't talk the wife into this one, Cuba later on in the summer instead...
  6. Score Prediction v Panama

    Any idea how many GAWA goin?
  7. Central America tour

    Eightball & hughes18 - those 2 other half stories gave me and the other half a good laugh...
  8. Central America tour

    Who is that numpte!
  9. Central America tour

    Surely cant be at 11am.....
  10. South Korea

    Was Aaron taken off due to injury or tactical change?
  11. South Korea

    Well said...
  12. South Korea

  13. South Korea

    Planning to go for a bite to eat after the game on sat, anywhere in the cathedral qtr good/bad for GAWA colours?
  14. South Korea Match Predictions

    What funny ( not dogs in your own country abusive) chants could we have? On the assumption someone can come up wi something sensible/catchy, this is the kind of thing which encourages young supporters. Whether u like or agree with Wgof, a lot of fans love it especially young fans ( the future koppites) ....