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  1. BringBackShaggy

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Every two years.
  2. BringBackShaggy

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Nations League preview show running on Sky last few days. Not bad build up. ”Only the bold, only the courageous, only the great of the nations league”......some anthem.
  3. BringBackShaggy

    Match predictions v. Bosnia-Herzegovina

    1-0 to us. I think we’ve a strong defence and maybe a promising younger keeper eager to succeed.
  4. BringBackShaggy

    Campaign Cards

    Mine arrived this morning.
  5. BringBackShaggy

    Campaign Cards

    Yes. I used it last time when one of my group lost his card.
  6. BringBackShaggy

    Austrian National Team

    Austria beat 3-0, Nadal won the tennis and Scotland won ODI. You’re up to date....
  7. BringBackShaggy

    Central America tour

    That guy is the ambassador to Panama.
  8. BringBackShaggy

    Central America tour

    What a terrific occasion for our boys to be part of.
  9. BringBackShaggy

    Score Prediction v Panama

    0 - 0.
  10. BringBackShaggy

    Central America tour

  11. BringBackShaggy

    Central America tour

  12. BringBackShaggy

    Central America tour

    Panama 2000 Costa Rica 1100 local time. so..Panama 0200 and Costa Rica 1700 UK?
  13. BringBackShaggy

    Central America tour

    So more like the Chile/Uruguay games last time around midnight/later......?
  14. BringBackShaggy

    Central America tour

    Both 1945 on the IFA website. Unsure if that’s UK though.
  15. BringBackShaggy

    South Korea