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  1. Austrian National Team

    Austria beat 3-0, Nadal won the tennis and Scotland won ODI. You’re up to date....
  2. Central America tour

    That guy is the ambassador to Panama.
  3. Central America tour

    What a terrific occasion for our boys to be part of.
  4. Score Prediction v Panama

    0 - 0.
  5. Central America tour

  6. Central America tour

  7. Central America tour

    Panama 2000 Costa Rica 1100 local time. so..Panama 0200 and Costa Rica 1700 UK?
  8. Central America tour

    So more like the Chile/Uruguay games last time around midnight/later......?
  9. Central America tour

    Both 1945 on the IFA website. Unsure if that’s UK though.
  10. South Korea

  11. UEFA considering international leagues

    New forum even
  12. UEFA considering international leagues

    we need a thread for the away travel, no? anyway, doing double header....Dublin Vienna Sarajevo cologne Dublin home.....
  13. UEFA considering international leagues

    Austria yeoow
  14. UEFA considering international leagues

    Slovakia and Austria are in the same pot. Hungary are in another league. Fingers crossed for Austria and Bosnia Herzegovina.
  15. March Friendlies?

    And don’t forget your loyalty point!
  16. UEFA considering international leagues

    Cheap too...Austria and Bosnia Herzegovina for me.