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  1. peteram79

    Squad formation v Estonia

    I have an inkling MO'N might start Washington up top, let him knock himself out for about an hour or so before his lack of match fitness kicks in Given Lafferty's decline, he's the nearest we have to an effective weapon as a lone striker in a competitive international situation. And he's been lively and a threat previously even with a lack of club game time
  2. peteram79

    Line up/Match Thread

    If you were looking at one thing the great Michael could improve generally, it's the timing and impact of his use of the bench IMHO
  3. peteram79

    Post mortem

    Mistimes his jump and it hits him on the shoulder, no?
  4. peteram79

    Line up/match thread

    The worry is that both of our international class strikers, Lafferty and Washington, pulled out of the squad and a third, Grigg, who could conceivably do a job if we tweak our system, also has history in that regard. We don't have the luxury of top drawer replacements - Josh is willing but limited, very early days but I fear Vassell is similar. Liam Boyce simply doesn't have the physicality to play international football, he was like a Sunday league fat lad with a hangover again tonight, just like in the Caribbean in the summer. Bar Saville's shank, did we genuinely create a clear chance? Saville's second one, he did well to manufacture a shot but it a half chance at best, while Whyte's squinty was off a defensive howler and the final one against the woodwork would have been an og. Lack of game time and sharpness from Stevie and Jonny in particular, which is another worry. If they don't play well, we're not going to win too many
  5. peteram79

    Line up/match thread

    Far too easy for Dzecko just to stroll through there
  6. peteram79

    Line up/match thread

    Really fear a repeat of the Costa Rica debacle
  7. peteram79

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    He was trying to claim all the managers of Israel's recent opponents would agree they were a decent side despite poor results. Which is clearly ballicks, because they were pure dung against us
  8. peteram79

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    Given that Gary McAllister performs the fairly thankless task of being the voice of our fans (and I'm sure gets pelters from some of them when they disagree with him) there's really no excuse for giving a self-appointed mouthpiece, in both senses of the word, like Bryson air time. Just lays bare the desire among the broadcasters to stir up controversy and drive traffic/revenues. Which is understandable, if distasteful, among commercial media, but utterly inexcusable at the poll tax funded Beeb. Might the Amalgamation consider a policy of non co-operation with any outlets that use Bryson to comment as a somehow representative NI fan?
  9. peteram79

    Central America tour

    If Sc**thorpe get into the play-off final, McGeehan will be playing (or at least on the bench) on the Sunday, and our first game is on the Tuesday, so the fact that he's prepared to accept a call-up seems promising
  10. peteram79

    South Korea

    Wash your mouth out EG!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. peteram79

    UEFA considering international leagues

    That's almost certainly where we're heading. Because, if what is currently advertised was the end-game, then the big boys wouldn't be in favour. What's in it for them? They can pick and choose their feriendlies already - England mainly play the Dutch/French etc and only play "weaker" teams when it suits them. This actually erodes their flexibility and ties them in to playing European opposition, rather than non-European teams which are attractive on lucre (say, Brazil), variety and/or also World Cup preparation. This is a stitch-up, of that there should be no doubt
  12. peteram79

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Which is kinda the point, I guess. UEFA sees a steady stream of all the big teams playing each other and the eyes spin like a slot machine to the pound signs Except it will get zero backing. The minnows will say no because they'll be constantly stuck playing each other even worse than now. The medium-ranking nations (I'm generously including us in that) exactly due to GPJim's point. And the big boys will say no for both commercial and practical reasons - commercial because it reduces their ability for money-spinning games against Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan etc., and practical in that if they are locked in to a virtually exclusive diet of European oppo, the chances to prepare for non-European challenges presented by a World Cup are significantly reduced. So it won't fly. Ironic that this is yet more monsense arising out of the most bone-headed, pig-ignorant decision a footballing body has ever made, the move to ruin the Euros by expanding it to 24 teams...
  13. Mate that really is very generous thank you very much it really is much appreciated! if u ever recognise me at the matchs come over and say hello! thanks again! Graham