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  1. Campaign Cards

    I think it was only grandstand ones available mate, could be wrong though.
  2. Campaign Cards

    Got that myself, thought the 2 deadlines didn’t line up either when renewals close 22nd but seat swaps you’d know by 1st June...
  3. Bosnia. And Herzegovina too. What are they like?

    Do Serbs from Republic Srpska play for the national team and do people from there support it? I'd imagine they don't really recognise it as such so wondering if they have a bit of a situation like ourselves?
  4. Score Prediction v Costa Rica

    1-0 loss
  5. UEFA considering international leagues

    Very little chat about this, it feels like I am the only one excited by this draw!
  6. South Korea

    I prefer "The South of Northern Ireland"
  7. UEFA considering international leagues

    Ukraine and Bosnia are in same pot so that can't happen. Wales and Bosnia for me, really want to go to Bosnia and Wales be cheap enough to do both. Wouldn't want Russia so close to the WC finishing I can't see them having much interest. Only ones I can't be arsed with is Sweden and Russia really.
  8. South Korea

    Happy with this, decent opposition and great day and timing.
  9. UEFA considering international leagues

    cheers mate
  10. UEFA considering international leagues

    Anyone any idea of the time? Over in Glasgow for Aberdeen match that day and wouldn't mind watching it somewhere if possible.
  11. UEFA considering international leagues

    Does anyone know the details of the draw and will it be on TV anywhere?
  12. Central America tour

    Lucky boyo. Enjoy!
  13. UEFA considering international leagues

    As well as giving 4 qualification spots it determines the seeding for "actual" qualifying which I think is a great idea, really does put something on every match.
  14. UEFA considering international leagues

    This is really confusing. Reading the Wiki page and the UEFA page I have some grasp on it but my god they have over complicated this. Am I right in saying the "Final Four" competition in June 2019 for teams in League A is to determine the overall winner and will be allocated a qualifying spot? Are the "qualifying play-offs" in March 2020 the same thing only for teams in the lower leagues? I think I am right in saying its the highest placed from each Nations League B-D qualifying group that hasn't got qualified through the March-Nov 2019 goes in to this play-off? What a melt! As it stands:
  15. UEFA considering international leagues

    So when will it be finalised what group we would be in? After WC qualifying?