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  1. It's a fairly accessible country so ticket allocation may be less in a smaller city, but there shouldn't be anywhere difficult to get to.
  2. https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/news/newsid=2522564.html#/ 24th Jan is the draw. No mention of if it will be televised. I am sure UEFA will do a live stream. I see that the matches themselves will be on Sky. This is, I think, the first time that England competitive matches will be on terrestrial TV. Although I work for Sky and get Sports for free, I think it is a shame that the matches are put out of the reach of people who don't subscribe (or fiddle with Kodi) or else it drives them into the pub to watch, which is not what sport is about.
  3. Will the step up be worth it? Are there any benefits? I'd rather play against league C and get some wins instead of being outclassed in B.