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  1. J'hova

    Post mortem

    Steve Lomas was speculating that on Sky. He said he thought it was blades that were the issue and he wouldn't let any players wear them if he is managing a team.
  2. J'hova

    Post mortem

    The results have been a pain, but there have been positives. More positives than negatives from the football. Lewis and Saville both really impressed me, Boycey held his own. Dallas did well. I am in two minds about BPF but think, with a bit more experience, he will become an asset.
  3. J'hova

    Team Formation v Austria

    Big Josh is in the height of his career to date. His confidence is sky high and he is amongst the top Championship scorers. I think we have to give him his chance to show what he can do. Lord knows he has showed his commitment to us.
  4. J'hova

    Squad v Austria (A) and Bosnia (A)

    Yeah, better to wait until we know the full story before passing judgement. I have never doubted his commitment. Sometimes he has even been a bit OTT, clutching the badge during the anthem etc. I am surprised at MON having reacted in the way in which he has, which is what has led us to believe that there is an issue rather than Kyle's lack of availability. The story will come out eventually and we can make a rational judgement.
  5. J'hova

    Squad v Austria (A) and Bosnia (A)

    MON says he is disappointed. If it were to be a personal issue, something like that, which he has put before his wife then I would imagine he'd tell Kyle to take all the time he needs. There are things more important than football.
  6. J'hova

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Sorry, not a specific boycott of this match, but they're talking about staying away from non-specified to punish the FAI. I'd guess, as a fan, a friendly would be easier to miss. And if they think they're going to get their arses handed to them, they've got an excuse of the boycott when we do it.
  7. J'hova

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Republic fans down south aren't quite keen on the international setup at present, so I could see a lot of them keeping away. There are talks on ybig of boycotts, so a non-competitive match could be an easy one to miss. Add to that the potential for trouble and the family crowd could stay away too. I reckon the FAI will be out of pocket with the cost of operating the stadium for a night. I'd hate for it to turn in to the most bigoted ballixes from both sides of the fence in NI heading down to Dublin to scream abuse at each other, and the negative press which will come as a result. And for good measure, the Gardaí might steam in with balaclavas and batons. Although hopefully, now that Drew Harris is in charge, they will do it to the ROI fans.
  8. It's a fairly accessible country so ticket allocation may be less in a smaller city, but there shouldn't be anywhere difficult to get to.
  9. https://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/news/newsid=2522564.html#/ 24th Jan is the draw. No mention of if it will be televised. I am sure UEFA will do a live stream. I see that the matches themselves will be on Sky. This is, I think, the first time that England competitive matches will be on terrestrial TV. Although I work for Sky and get Sports for free, I think it is a shame that the matches are put out of the reach of people who don't subscribe (or fiddle with Kodi) or else it drives them into the pub to watch, which is not what sport is about.
  10. Will the step up be worth it? Are there any benefits? I'd rather play against league C and get some wins instead of being outclassed in B.