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  1. Bosnia. And Herzegovina too. What are they like?

    Despite the buses etc, I hope it is in Zenica's Bilino Polje stadium, capacity 17.5k: "A few years after the construction, the stadium was actually given the award for being the most beautiful stadium in Yugoslavia. Bilino Polje has a rectangular shape with British style dimensions, rather than an oval shape such as the Stadium Kosevo in Sarajevo, making it a somewhat unusual stadium in Bosnia-Herzegovina." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilino_Polje_Stadium Whereas the other stadium they use, Asim Ferhatovic Hase stadium in Sarajevo, is twice as big, as well as being multi-purpose: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asim_Ferhatović_Hase_Stadium
  2. South Korea

    If it were a club friendly, perhaps, but how many opportunities do you get to see NI at home every year? Half a dozen? Anyhow, it's hardly compulsory to attend, but with their recent efforts, I think the boys deserve all the support we can give them.
  3. South Korea

    What's one more star in a whole firmament? I mean, there's Kane, Eriksen, Alli and Sissoko standing out, for a start...
  4. South Korea

    It's a friendly in March against a team we know nothing about, with no big stars and a Ranking of 59 and you think it poor that we haven't already sold out six weeks in advance? The games against eg England and Spain proved that you can have 14k fans in a stadium which was designed/capable of accommodating 25k and still have a blinding atmosphere. But you can't fit 25k fans into an 18k stadium (obviously!), the net result of which is less revenue in the short term, and future/young fans being deterred in the medium-to-long term since they find it so hard to get a ticket etc. No progressive organisation which ever hoped to expand and grow would artificially restrict its capability to do so for the next half century or more. Oh wait, I think I've just spotted the flaw in my argument. Yeah, scrap that, we're only wee, we'll never amount to much, never qualify for anything, it's hardly worth bothering, is it?
  5. Bosnia. And Herzegovina too. What are they like?

    Earlier today, Bosnia Herzegovina lost 1-0 to a Mexico team made up entirely of domestic or MLS players. The Bosnians had a player sent off. http://www.goal.com/en-us/news/dos-santos-starts-captains-el-tri-gonzalez-begins-on-bench/4flt5gck4hwp1b2w6fefphem0 The Mexico captain was Giovanni Dos Santos, who played 15 League games for Spurs and the new Bosnia Herzegovina manager is Robert Prosinecki, who managed Azerbaijan when we beat them twice in the last qualifiers. Of course, I realise that that is not much more interesting than my opening post, so here is another photo of Eva Herzigova to be going on with:
  6. UEFA considering international leagues

    Reminds me of a wedding I was at, where the groom started his speech as follows: "Ladies and Gentlemen, friends, treasured guests and of course my lovely bride Rebecca, today is the happiest day of my life." Glancing briefly at his watch, he went on "Portsmouth have just beaten Bolton to go top of the Premier League!" P.S. Pompey's spell in the Prem lasted nearly as long as the marriage...
  7. They've just drawn 0-0 with USA in a friendly in California. Both teams were weakened by the non-availability of their European-based "big" players. Oh and Bosnia missed a penalty kick. https://www.si.com/soccer/2018/01/28/usa-bosnia-herzegovina-friendly-live-usmnt-video-goals-morris-sapong-agudelo That's about as interesting as it gets, so I'll leave you with a picture of Eva Herzigova, who may be related. OK, probably not.
  8. Home game kick-off times

    Ta for that (though Gatwick is a pain for me, and Aldergrove is so much more awkward than George Best)
  9. Home game kick-off times

    Looks like UEFA are spreading out the kick-off times on each matchday, presumably for TV purposes: http://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/competitions/Draws/02/53/13/55/2531355_DOWNLOAD.pdf Though that Austria game is a bugger for me - the last flight out of Belfast to London departs from George Best at 19.25 - an hour later and I'd have chanced it.
  10. March Friendlies?

    There is no room for friendlies if you're in a four team League (applies to 28 of 55 teams)
  11. UEFA considering international leagues

    I'm assuming it will be live on uefa.com - would be very surprised if it wasn't.
  12. UEFA considering international leagues

    Ukraine and B-H for me. With you on that.
  13. Central America tour

    Flights aren't as expensive as that website indicates. Can currently get O.W. non-stop flights in May with COPA from Bogota or Medellin to Panama for £110 (approx) or from Cartagena £140 (approx). And if you do a multi-trip ticket with eg Avianca (London-Bogota-Panama-San Jose-London?), the Colombia to Panama leg should work out even cheaper.
  14. Central America tour

    Doesn't look as if I'll be doing this trip, but if I were, I'd actually take the "holiday" part in Colombia - apparently it's a great country to visit (they've sorted out the violence in all the touristy bits). And it neighbours Panama, so quick/easy/cheap to get there and from there to Costa Rica.
  15. Central America tour

    Interesting. I've heard that Costa Rica is the safest country in the region in terms of crime etc and is making a big push to attract tourists on this score, whereas neighbouring countries (inc Honduras) are much less safe. Maybe it's more a matter of image than reality? I personally wouldn't worry about any of them if on my own/with the lads, but if I do go, it will likely be incorporated in my annual holiday with the g/f.