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  1. South Korea

  2. South Korea

    BBC Stats for the game (NI first): Possession - 35% vs. 65% Total Shots - 4 vs. 15 Shots on Target - 3 vs. 2 Corners - 4 vs. 9 Fouls - 11 vs. 9 http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43439353 Just shows how comfortable we are when the opposition dominates possession (as any half decent team usually will). And the Shots figures back this up in that we made our (few) attempts* count. Whereas their 13 off-target attempts were mostly either shots from difficult positions, or were blocked by our defenders, or were deflected wide by them. Which is not to say we should ever rely on this against better sides, in competitive games. But it is nonetheless another 90 mins practice of our "house style", which we can improve upon when we have all our big players fit and available. * - Remember, too, that our 4 attempts don't include the Korea O.G., which Magennis would surely have converted close in had their defender not made contact.
  3. South Korea

    That's true for when we had the ball. But I'm sure JE was told at H-T to move out wide to cover Lewis when they had the ball and attacked down that side.
  4. South Korea

    Indeed. Maybe Norwich do it differently? EDIT: Just seen Rave Dave's earlier comment about Lewis/Norwich - that would make a lot of sense. I read that before Saturday, he'd scored seven goals in his previous six games for them, and with that and the look of him (1.98 m), I too was worried. We shouldn't have been. For his most recent three games were Asian Championship games against Japan, North Korea and China, where he scored three times - their defenders none too big, perhaps? And before that it was three friendlies at a training camp in Turkey, where he notched four goals against three crap teams - Moldova, Jamaica and Latvia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Korea_national_football_team_results_(2010–19) Prior to that, he'd scored three times in his first 38 caps! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Shin-wook
  5. South Korea

    Too true. But I think the difference was that normally we're happy for opposition wingers to send in high crosses from out wide, since McAuley, Evans, Hughes etc are so good at dealing with them (even against that 6'6" pile of dung of theirs who was "playing" through the middle). Whereas the Korean wide players were cutting inside and pulling it back, or playing through passes (eg their goal). On Saturday, the answer should have been for our wide midfielders to prevent them getting at our FB's in the first place. But both Ward and Jones (esp) are much better going forward than defending. I don't think we'd have had the same problem had Dallas, who can play on either flank, been available.
  6. South Korea

    Tbf, the Korean RB was excellent getting forward and Lewis didn't get much protection from Jones down that flank. And I'm sure at H-T, JEvans was told to move a bit wider and help him out, because he and Lewis were clearly doubling up on him (oe whoever else carried the ball down that side)
  7. South Korea

    You'd have to be hooked by that. Only problem is, next time out they probably won't be able to get tickets (competitive game at least)
  8. South Korea

    Couple of Korean lassies (early 20's?) came in five minutes after kickoff and sat next to me. Some amount of screaming and shrieking ... until one of them asked me to stop
  9. South Korea

    Last week I said I thought McAuley's legs had gone - shows how little I know! (Other comments spot on, too, btw)
  10. South Korea

    While Trevor Carson was told on Monday that he'd start - (typically) astute man-management by Michael.
  11. Starting XI v South Korea

    If Smyth is suspended for the U-21's, he might get his chance tomorrow. But with 3 gk's and four withdrawals, Michael only has 18 outfield players left, some of whom may need careful handling, so Smyth and Lavery may have been called in to make up numbers for the seniors' training sessions? (Also integrates them further into the set-up, and can replicate/replace the training they would have done with the U-21's)
  12. Starting XI v South Korea

    I actually think it makes it more interesting to see a few new/newish faces. And if even only one* of them takes to the team and international football like eg Saville has done, then that will be a real bonus. * - Jones? Lewis? Smyth even?
  13. South Korea

    I've been saying it for years now, but Belfast, like eg London, Glasgow, Liverpool or Manchester, is and always has been a proper football city. All it needs to get people to attend in good numbers is a good manager and backroom set-up, which produces a competitive* side, playing in facilities which are up to contemporary standards. I mean, we took 20k(?) to France less than two years ago. * - Not necessarily a winning side
  14. March Friendlies?

    Wales 4-0 up at H-T (Bale 2, Vokes and Wilson) You can get BBC Wales coverage on the BBC website - commentary in Welsh btw: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cymrufyw/byw/43488911 (Handy Hint: The Welsh for "China" is "China")
  15. South Korea

    Ta for that (also Shaggy)