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  1. Central America tour

    Head's up, you need a yellow fever vaccination certificate if travelling to Costa Rica via Panama, don't think you need it if you're just doing Costa Rica (depending on your flight route). Vaccination isn't available on the NHS either, so stings the arm and the pocket.
  2. Central America tour

    Nothing in the email. Lead block bookers have until 19th April to express an interest and will be notified of priority booking information no later then the 23rd of April.
  3. Central America tour

    Yes, I got an email about an hour ago.
  4. Central America tour

    That'll be an odd experience.
  5. South Korea

    We've got another one in September....
  6. South Korea

    You'll have to go in via Boucher if that's where the Kop entrance is. You're better going via Apollo Road from Adelaide station to Boucher rather than by the Windsor footbridge and Olympia Drive. There's a walkway at Adelaide which takes you to Apollo Road, then down past M&S and onto Boucher.
  7. South Korea

    If you mean via the gate opposite Olympia Street then that should be OK. It's the pedestrian access to the leisure centre beside the old Midgely Park gates/at the corner of the old Olympia 3g pitch which has gone.
  8. South Korea

    There's no pedestrian access from Olympia Drive to the leisure centre/back of the Kop at the minute. So if you were planning on cutting that corner to save 5 or 10 minutes walk, be aware you'll have to enter via Boucher Road.
  9. South Korea

    From previous IFA communications around the game's ticketing : Both print at home tickets and e-tickets will be activated 2 weeks in advance of the fixture.
  10. South Korea

    Or maybe we'll sell out once the starting eleven is announced? If anyone really really wanted to go they'd have a ticket by now.
  11. South Korea

    Maybe they were all Germans? Someone will complain after the game about not getting a ticket. A couple of blocks in the Kop still have over 100 tickets left.
  12. South Korea

    Quite a lot of tickets still available on general sale right now, well over 500 available for the Kop alone!
  13. South Korea

    Was it? The ticketing email said 10am was the cut off for Campaign Card holders and all unpurchased tickets would be available on general sale but doesn't say that the general sale would start at 10am.
  14. Central America tour

    I know quite a few who have already booked, I'll be booking flights in the next few days.
  15. Home game kick-off times

    There's only one game kicking off at 2pm on each Saturday and Sunday matchday, the rest of the weekend games are 1700 and 1945. One game out of the 23 on matchday one (which is really three days) kicks off early on the Saturday and we got it!