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  1. Richardh


    Hardly a confirmation (UEFA and Wiki have been wrong before) but if it is then no reason why the IFA couldn't have already ordered applications and could quicky skim off and notify the top X hundred names but I'll be surprised if they have. Some people will be expecting tickets to be allocated and in accounts by the end of the day probably...
  2. Richardh

    2020/21 UEFA Nations League

    They could still be eligible for promotion and relegation within the NL, there would be no point in them taking a possible WC play off spot from the NL though (if that format is maintained).
  3. Richardh

    2020/21 UEFA Nations League

    Would they play in the NL but not be eligible for a play off place?
  4. Richardh

    2020/21 UEFA Nations League

    Russia just been handed a four year ban from all major sporting events, so we might not be able to draw them now!
  5. Richardh


    Given the venue hasn't been confirmed, I doubt they know the exact allocation yet.
  6. Richardh

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    Now there's a Pearl Jam European tour in June and July to add to the mix...
  7. Richardh

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    So as things stand, the one euros ticket I do have is for France vs TBC at 3pm in Budapest the day after we might be playing Sweden at 2pm in Dublin and I might have to work out how to get from Budapest to Bilbao? Glad the draw has cleared everything up.
  8. Richardh

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    A few of us travelled from Plymouth to Santander by ferry for the Spain away game in Santander in 1998, it was great fun!
  9. Richardh


    Bosnia. The winner of semi final one hosts the final.
  10. Richardh

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    There's no international dates until the play offs.
  11. Richardh

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    Changing it to a 24 team finals was their first mistake. That limits who can host it, probably only 3 or 4 countries capable of hosting it on their own. They don't appear to have fully thought through the effect the Nations League would have on qualifying, it's a mess. 24 teams is too many anyway, that's almost half of UEFA. Having some third place teams qualify from the group stage is a bit of joke, could get through without winning. Having more teams qualify than go out at the group stage is a bit of a joke.
  12. Richardh

    Other groups

    Even though Bosnia haven't confirmed the venue yet?
  13. Richardh

    Post Mortem

    Shows what can happen when we're not at full strength and a bit disinterested, Germany tore us to bits very easily.
  14. Richardh

    Post Mortem

    Decent performance, we got at them first half, had a couple of decent chances, couple of great crosses by McNair. Criminal to miss the target with a penalty, VVD saying post match that the pitch didn't help Davis was an odd comment. Second half we got stuck in our half and couldn't get anything going. Atmosphere was good again. Saville looked a bit lost on the left, Cevans put some shift in, we needed Magennis to win a few more headers and hold the ball up a bit better. Not at bad result but we'll always wonder what might have been....
  15. Richardh

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    Did Koeman not make the comments in Dutch to Dutch television?