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  1. Campaign Cards

    There you go Aubsni, hopefully you should be sorted in advance.
  2. Campaign Cards

    If print at home is available for campaign cards then you can be sorted earlier than just prior to kick off. Anyone know if print at home is available for campaign cards? Think Jim uses it.
  3. Campaign Cards

    What time are you home at? Have you not time to go home before the Bosnia game? Even if you have to go straight from the airport to the game there's usually a Ticketmaster office to deal with forgotten or not scanning cards and tickets, or print at home.
  4. Campaign Cards

    Why do you say that? They said August for Gold cards and December for Silver cards.
  5. Campaign Cards

    More tickets released for the Bosnia home game, where have these come from? Or were they maybe being held back until the "grandstand" sections sold out?
  6. Bosnia. And Herzegovina too. What are they like?

    Maybe isn't two seats available beside each other, only singles. EDIT: i've just been able to get two adjacent NS upper tickets in my basket on Ticketmaster.
  7. Campaign Cards

    Quite a lot of tickets available for the Israel game when you look at Ticketmaster, looks like more of the Kop is available than sold. Still tickets left for the Bosnia game too. Wonder what the breakdown is between Silver and Gold renewals?
  8. Campaign Cards

    They advertised for a Digital Manager today. https://t.co/ZxLzqLZcgR?amp=1 That 12 year old girl could be out on the dole soon but still good to see they're getting resources in for the really important roles.
  9. Central America tour

    Someone still had to log in and pay for them? Noticed the names of a few people on the ticket collection sheets who I didn't end up seeing at the games.
  10. Central America tour

    Aye, some trip that, what an experience. Spent an evening and night in Leiden on the way out, nice place, better option than going into Amsterdam. Panama City was nice, interesting sights, Casco Viejo, Panama Viejo, Miraflores Locks, the Causeway. Doubt I've sweated so much at a football match in my life though and that includes all the ones I played in. That was some pre game show by the Panamanians too. Stayed in La Fortuna in Costa Rica for three nights. Could see a volcano from my hotel room door, swam in waterfalls, kayaked past crocodiles, hiked volcano trails, walked hanging bridges over a forest canopy, watched a family of monkeys swing through the trees, saw sloths, odd red and blue frogs, snakes, iguanas, etc. Brilliant area to stay in, so much to do, and going by other people's photos and stories it's not the only area in the country like that. Would definitely like to go back and do a bit more of Costa Rica some time. Locals (and Venezuelans, who seemed to make it up most of the bar staff in Panama) were superb, so friendly and helpful. One example, we got a taxi from La Fortuna to La Fortuna waterfall a few miles outside of the town. When we got there the taxi driver wouldn't take any money but gave us his phone number, said to give him a call when we were ready to go back, he'd come pick us up and we could pay him then. Had some lovely craft beer which was unexpected. San Jose was a bit of a kip as hughes18 says, (ATMs shut down at 10pm to try to cut down on robberies) but by that point I'd already done more than expected on the trip so it didn't really matter. Couple of brilliant days' and nights' crack on the piss in San Jose around the Costa Rica game. Decent performance vs Panama, lacked any quality in the final third. Costa Rica were better than Panama, NI played very poorly, odd kick off time and the conditions were not a good combination for the the second game. Hard to see what MON learned from the two games but that's probably not the point. 26 hours door to door to get home.
  11. Campaign Cards

  12. Central America tour

    Just passed the California, there's a few in it. Getting some food and will likely head there myself soon. A few guys I know have been using Uber and its been OK, local buses are alright and dirt cheap. There's loads of taxis about (and their horns certainly work), bet they all disappear later. I think that mall was maybe suggested as its not that far from the ground and also away from the main road flow of traffic for the stadium. And its effing hot today, no idea how anyone could play football in that.
  13. Central America tour

    Traffic is crazy so getting to and from the ground will take a while. Nowhere has been agreed as a meeting point but there's been a few fans in Bros and Beers and California Kitchen last couple of nights, so will probably be the same this afternoon.
  14. Central America tour

    Watson at the City Airport now as well as William Cherry and quite a few of the squad.
  15. Central America tour

    BT has a story about NI based Liverpool fans making the long trip to Kiev...