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  1. Richardh

    Post Mortem

    That's the way we (and everyone else) plays these days. It's all about getting a midfielder or one of the wingers in alongside the striker so it becomes two up front, which we don't do very well (especially away from home). I was in the Kop so it was hard to tell how good an opportunity that was live but having seen it again on the TV highlights Lafferty makes little or no attempt to play the ball. It's a great chance and he doesn’t even touch the ball!
  2. Richardh

    Post Mortem

    Similar to Thursday's game. Plenty of the ball, plenty of the ball in the opponents half, positive and lively but lacking a bit of quality in the final third and not making many good chances from a high shot count. We're still a bit of a work in progress but a decent three points. Belarus were much better than Estonia, the away game there will be an awkward one.
  3. Richardh

    Germany or Holland

    Any of you watch Germany in the second half vs Serbia? One of best performances from an average in decline team I've ever seen.
  4. Richardh

    Post Mortem

    It was fairly crap in the period after the first 15 minutes up to McGinn's goal.
  5. Richardh

    Post Mortem

    We played ok, we were lively and positive but lacked a bit of quality in the final third. Estonia weren't great and thankfully missed a sitter. Magennis came on when it was game over, that may explain why he got a bit more space and looked better than Lafferty.
  6. Richardh

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    About right. Ran out of ideas fairly quickly, very little quality shown, scoring first was key, thankfully they missed the best chance of the game. Job done.
  7. Richardh

    Joachim Low - Running scared of OWC

    Only watched the second half, they were fantastic for about twenty minutes, tore Serbia to bits, pace and movement superb, Sane outstanding, just didn't take their chances.
  8. Richardh

    Campaign Cards

    There's people (seemingly) after tickets for this weekend's games who won't buy off Ticketmaster because they're not selling tickets for the specific section they want. Fussy much? There's also people refusing to pay the face value prices, which should be highlighted.
  9. Richardh

    Late Train ?

    No alcohol allowed on Translink services!
  10. Richardh

    Campaign Cards

    Still tickets left for Thursday and Sunday on Ticketmaster, loads of spares being offered on Facebook, still beggars being choosers.
  11. Richardh

    Late Train ?

  12. Richardh

    Squad formation v Estonia

    MO'N says Grigg wouldn't have been available for tomorrow night and it was unrealistic to expect him to be ready for Sunday.
  13. Richardh

    Squad formation v Estonia

    I'd have been surprised if Grigg had started anyway, Corey Evans is still a doubt.
  14. Richardh

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    Two matches more than most of our squad, they'll be knackered.
  15. Richardh

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    Spares are starting to appear on social media, could be a sell out but not a full house. We should win this game but I expect us to make hard work of it, two nil NI