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  1. Richardh

    Starting line up v Holland

    Was there only four turnstiles (or disinterested girl glancing at a ticket in my case) for the upper deck away end in Rotterdam? At say 15 or 30 seconds per person for 2000 people that's really not good. Similar for Vienna, a bottleneck. I had no problems in Hannover (and I wasn't at the ground early).
  2. Richardh

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    It got a practice sing a long in Prague the other night.
  3. Richardh

    Starting line up v Holland

    Gutted. It had reached the point when I thought we'd get away with a nil nil. Then I thought we might win. Then I thought we wouldn't lose and would get away with a one all draw at least. Gutted.
  4. I walked past him yesterday at Midgley Park, should have asked him about it! What a disaster if true.
  5. Richardh

    Score Prediction v Holland

    Might not get humped but it's likely to be win at a canter for the Dutch. So, nil nil?
  6. Award winning, not an embarrassment. If you post something on the inter social Google media web you should be happy to leave it there.
  7. We named four forwards, one is in semi retirement, one looks lively but plays in the Irish league, not exactly "options". Lavery to score vs the Czech Republic is worth a punt.
  8. That hilarious squad announcement tweet has now been deleted.
  9. Didn't stop all three keepers and Lafferty getting a call up.
  10. Can you not watch the gif in the Tweet? Squad released as an animated WhatsApp conversation.
  11. Would have been good if Kyle Lafferty had posted a dick pic to the thread
  12. Richardh

    Starting line up v Holland

    BPF Dallas Jevans Cathcart Dallas Dallas Davis Saville McNair Dallas Fan of the Month We're usually hoping for no injuries after the squad is named but we're in trouble already. The starting XI for the Czech friendly will basically be names drawn from a hat. (It would be fans ordered by loyalty points but the IFA don't know everyone's points)
  13. Richardh

    Campaign Cards

    They might have to update their card index system so it matches the Ticketmaster data...
  14. Richardh

    Post Mortem

    I've still got 50 away nils on the horizon... All good crack though, not all about the football.