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  1. Richardh

    Post Mortem

    Zero urgency in possession first half, no movement when we won the ball back. The goal was coming, they got in behind our full backs so many times. Austria weren't great, game was there to be won with a bit of positivity.
  2. Richardh

    Score Predictions

    We need a win or two and we're haven't scored in 8 of our last 10 aways. Need to be more positive than recent aways, we're capable of that and we're capable of nicking a win. Hard to say how teams will approach these games.
  3. Richardh

    Sell Out v Austria?

    Why was interest so (relatively) low for the Bosnia game compared to this one?
  4. Richardh

    Campaign Cards

    Ticketmaster do Tottenham's ticketing, ticket was £20, (mine was £48,) there was an additional booking fee of £2.50 for two tickets. I think there's a reduced booking fee for members.
  5. Richardh

    Campaign Cards

    Adult tickets for the home game vs Austria are £40 for adults, £50 for the grandstand seats. Alternatively, you could pay £97 for a ticket and you get a gourmet burger, drink and a match programme thrown in, bargain. I got my dad a ticket for Tottenham Barcelona in that rip off Champions League in that rip off London for £20 today.
  6. Richardh

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Rumours of more tickets being released next week for Austria, they'll likely only do one thing at a time and ignore the RoI game for now.
  7. Richardh

    Post mortem

    Uefa/FIFA set the kick offs now. San Marino at home and Azerbaijan away were both Saturdays last campaign but both were in the evening.
  8. Richardh

    Post mortem

    Wales at the Euros? Or was that 6pm, too late?
  9. Richardh

    Starting XI v Israel

    Whyte scored with his first touch 106 seconds after coming on. Harry Kane scored his first England goal 79 seconds after coming on, wasn't his first touch though. Bill Nicholson scored after 19 seconds on his England debut with his first touch.
  10. Richardh

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    Did see any at the Kop either, they had loads left when I went in on Saturday with a lot more people there. Decent performance again last night, if only in patches, it was a friendly after all. Saville and Lewis are real finds. McNair can certainly play a bit (if only we knew were to play him), Evans makes it look so easy at times, Grigg put in a big shift. And the spreadsheet says that was my 50th NI win, heady times.
  11. Richardh

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    I see the "Free Palestine" letters going up on Divis, been a while since there's been any activity up there.
  12. Richardh

    Score Prediction v Israel

    0-0 A lively first 20 minutes before the players start to coast through to half time, followed by an uneventful second half which never gets going due to the number of substitutions.
  13. Richardh

    UEFA considering international leagues

    I watched quite a bit of that game. Iceland were playing for a 0 0, once it went to 1 0/2 0 Iceland hadn't a clue how to adjust. Switzerland played very well and tore them to shreds, could have been more than six too.
  14. Richardh

    Starting XI v Israel

    Think McAuley has already left the squad to go back to Rangers. Smith, Boyce and Grigg deserve a start, Jones and McNair may get one too. There will be a few changes and a lot of subs on Tuesday.
  15. Richardh

    Post mortem

    Really good lively performance but not enough quality (or luck) in the final third. Loads of decent crosses but only one man in the box, especially first half hour, needed to get more players into the box. Loads of possession but couldn't create anything through the middle, everything went wide, got a bit predictable. So many corners were wasted. Grigg was ready to come on before the second goal went in, I wonder if that was for Lafferty or someone else? Very unlucky we conceded just then either way. Boyce got ready after the second goal and the double change to two up top made a difference. Bits of the Kop like a nightclub again, the security searches are a nonsense.