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  1. Healy74

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Booked Dublin Amsterdam return £90. Had bumped up £30 in the time I was searching.
  2. Healy74

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I know we were shafted into the group with Germany and Holland, but Republic's group ain't much easier. Swiss and Denmark tough matches. Hard to see us going through automatically but amazing occasions that the fans and players ought to be up for. The expectations are slightly lowered now and that will suit us. In a perfect world we'll play Belarus and Estonia first two matches and get 6 points under our belts- that'll set things up nicely.
  3. Healy74

    Line up/Match Thread

    We looked fatigued in the last ten. Once again we played well, not as well as Thursday but this was superior opposition. I actually thought Jones did well for the most part- played without fear and not afraid to take defenders on. I think we suffered having Dallas playing further back and standing in for Lewis. I thought Boyce should’ve come off long before he did- he didn’t look particularly up for it and challenged for little aerially. Have to say that the atmosphere tonight night was the worst it’s been in quite some time. I think we forget how much a team our size depends on it. There’s been more vocal nights at friendlies against inferior opposition during the past ten years. Looking down on the Kop too the ‘sea of green’ looks like a thing of the past too now. Couldn’t believe the booing from some fans at FT!
  4. Healy74


    Nah don't like them
  5. Healy74

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    We were bloody brilliant tonight, just gutted we didn’t cap it off.
  6. Healy74

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Oh dear, one week the associations are standing side by side heralding 'a bright new era' in north south relations. The next, Martin is pretty much saying "its a good job we're not playing at their place".
  7. Healy74

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    I promise you this ends with hundreds not making it into the game in time. Why the frig can’t the tickets just be collected in Belfast so everyone can go to Dublin and enjoy the day as they so wish.
  8. Healy74

    Line up/match thread

    We're going through a blue patch but we're playing well in the process. We've honestly had no luck whatsoever in each of the the three games- I do think the experience will stand us and the new players well once the qualifiers get going.
  9. Healy74

    Line up/match thread

    Pretty frustrating, we were doing great until the mistake and that gave them momentum. Reckon we'll make another couple chances yet. Just got to hope that we're flushing the mistakes out in these games while we're threading new players in. Hopefully we're good to go once the qualifiers kick off.
  10. Healy74

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    I'd expect us to beat them comfortably on current form.
  11. Healy74

    Campaign Cards

    I contacted them about seat change and they said "stadium was already at capacity so no opportunity for seat swap". Get the feeling it was just a box ticking exercise on their part to begin with.
  12. Healy74

    South Korea

    Fantastic day all things considered. After a goal and celebration like that I honestly don't know how I'd cope if he defected to ROI later down the line. Really hope he sees his career is best served playing for Michael and NI.
  13. Healy74

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Be a bit of craic I'm sure and no doubt plenty other GAWA doing the same. We got return flights to Bratislava for £80 but could be persuaded to carry on to Bosnia if cheap enough.
  14. Healy74

    UEFA considering international leagues

    45E for bus from Vienna to Sarajevo ...11 hours