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  1. Healy74

    Campaign Cards

    I contacted them about seat change and they said "stadium was already at capacity so no opportunity for seat swap". Get the feeling it was just a box ticking exercise on their part to begin with.
  2. Healy74

    South Korea

    Fantastic day all things considered. After a goal and celebration like that I honestly don't know how I'd cope if he defected to ROI later down the line. Really hope he sees his career is best served playing for Michael and NI.
  3. Healy74

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Dubs with Ryanair
  4. Healy74

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Be a bit of craic I'm sure and no doubt plenty other GAWA doing the same. We got return flights to Bratislava for £80 but could be persuaded to carry on to Bosnia if cheap enough.
  5. Healy74

    UEFA considering international leagues

    45E for bus from Vienna to Sarajevo ...11 hours
  6. Healy74

    Central America tour

    That'd be a cracker trip, would love to go.