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  1. jcm

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    Michael O'Neill has described Ronald Koeman's criticism of Northern Ireland as "irrelevant to me". The Netherlands boss labelled Northern Ireland's approach to Thursday night's Euro 2020 qualifier as "outrageous" and "terrible to watch". The Dutch scored two injury-time goals as they came from behind to beat Northern Ireland 3-1 in Rotterdam. "It's irrelevant to me," said O'Neill ahead of NI's friendly with the Czech Republic on Monday. "You give respect to the opponent and how they play. We didn't go there to entertain Ronald Koeman, that wasn't the purpose of what we did." He added: "If you're picking players from Barcelona, Juventus and Liverpool you can play a certain way. If we were so terrible, why were we so difficult to beat? And clearly we were extremely difficult to beat. "It's disappointing that a manager of that class feels the need to say that. It's not something we need to dwell on." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49954218
  2. Germany down to 10 men. Can sent off early on.
  3. jcm

    Starting line up v Holland

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50018079 Bit of a piss-take trying to get into the stadium last night - although nowhere near as bad as Las Palmas in 2007.
  4. jcm

    Score Prediction v Holland

    Holland 1-1 N.Ireland (De Ligt header cancelled out by a Davis penalty). A battling backs-to-the wall draw akin to Nuremberg ‘96.
  5. jcm

    Germany or Holland

    Dare to dream (and all that). Or maybe not!
  6. jcm

    Germany or Holland

    If we can eke out 6 points away in Estonia and Belarus in June, Germany complete the double over Holland, we ride our luck and grab a point in Rotterdam, then beat the Dutch in Belfast (all guns blazing) - we can get a runners-up place. Simple.
  7. jcm

    Other groups

    I’m sure Stuart Dallas won’t be lamenting too much about this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47684741
  8. N.Ireland 2-0 Belarus Cathcart and Davis.
  9. jcm

    Post Mortem

    That McNair miss was worse than I thought - even more so than Gavin Whyte’s effort in Sarajevo. This obsession with always heading it down when a bullet header either side of a stranded and off-balance keeper would have sufficed. He was only a metre or so out and the goal was literally gaping. Hopefully we’ll be less profligate on Sunday evening.
  10. jcm

    Post Mortem

    ...nor a yellow card for diving.
  11. jcm

    Squad formation v Estonia

  12. jcm

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    N.Ireland 4-1 Estonia Payback.
  13. jcm

    Squad formation v Estonia

    The front three is McGinn, Lafferty and Jones.
  14. jcm

    Late Train ?

    I’m assuming that last train to Coleraine goes via Ballymena?
  15. jcm

    Squad formation v Estonia

    The actual line-up for tomorrow will be: Peacock-Farrell Dallas Evans Cathcart Lewis McNair Davis Saville McGinn Lafferty Jones