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  1. Central America tour

    Around 100 I reckon, not as many as the IFA apparently stated. I picked up tickets for 6 London NISC members at the team hotel in Panama City, 5 of whom didn't make the trip. It seems the IFA might have mixed up initial 'expressions of interest' with actual ticket purchases.
  2. Central America tour

    Did the Tarzan swing in Monteverde too. Downpour throughout the zip-lining, soaked to the skin. I have to say one massive plus during the trip was not hearing NS during GSTQ in San Jose - the first time I've experienced that at any N.Ireland match. I guess the solitary idiot who uttered the words in Panama City thought better of it or maybe he only did the one game.
  3. Score Prediction v Panama

    Extremely humid out here too. Substitutions and player rotation will be important to get through 2 x 90 minute matches, especially with match fitness levels down (3 weeks after the end of the season).
  4. Central America tour

    Pathfinder already here. Whoever's making it over, best to bring a robust anorak and get (the feck) out of San Jose if you can - seems to be just traffic and CO2. Super out in the sticks though. Off to watch the Costa Rican Cup Final now with a couple of locals. Vamos Saprissa!
  5. Central America tour

    Just had my Hep A and typhoid boosters; nurse Jenny referred me to this Nathnac link the NHS use: https://travelhealthpro.org.uk/country/58/costa-rica#Vaccine_recommendations It seems Costa Rica has exempted Panama from its yellow fever certificate list and, within Panama itself, "the vaccination is not recommended for travellers whose itineraries are limited to areas west of the Canal, the city of Panama, the Canal area itself, and the Balboa Islands (Pearl Islands) and San Blas Islands."
  6. Central America tour

    A doctor on the take perhaps?
  7. Central America tour

    Are you sure?... "A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is only required for travellers 9 months of age and older coming from a country with risk of Yellow Fever transmission. A vaccination certificate is also required if coming from Eritrea, São Tomé and Príncipe, Somalia, Tanzania, and Zambia. Note: A vaccination certificate is not required for travellers arriving from Argentina, Guyana, Panama, and Suriname. The vaccination requirement is imposed by this country for protection against Yellow Fever since the principal mosquito vector Aedes aegypti is present in its territory."
  8. Central America tour

    Itinerary fine-tuned, mucker. London - San Jose (via Paris) - La Fortuna - Monteverde - Quepos - San Jose - Panama City - Match - David - Boquete - Bocas Del Toro - David - Panama City - San Jose - Match - London (via Panama City and Amsterdam). 17/18 days.
  9. Grayson maybe just simply decided to shut that door on McCartan's international future. He certainly has previous for that.