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  1. Jonny

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Scotland, Wales and Bulgaria please. About time we got promoted to the League A group of this Donald Duck tournament.
  2. Jonny


    You are aware that you didn't NEED a visa to go to Russia for the World Cup as a match ticket gave you FREE entry to the country for 6 months. $70 US for a ticket for the Cheatz v Serbia and I had a hat-trick of trips to Russia on it. Milked the free visa until the last day. This summer is the same for all ticket holders for the Saint Petersburg match. 😉
  3. Jonny

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    Interesting EG, as you say if the home association gets 95% of the gate money, that is a hell of a piece of luck and an incentive to beat Bosnia for more than just winning the match - money for the IFA as well as a huge advantage having our fans dominating in the stadium. On the other hand, if Bosnia beat us, they will have that 95% for both play off legs, which is even more unfair. Republic of Ireland ended up with no chance of a play-off at home. I'll take Slovakia in the final at Windsor.
  4. Jonny

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    I had to re-check and I found that there are actually: 2 venues we CANNOT play at (Amsterdam, Bucharest) 4 venues we are less likely to play at (Wembley, Munich, Baku, Rome) Why? Because we are in Group E which already eliminates 10 of the cities from the group stage. There are only 4 we could play at in the Second Round (and 1 of them is Bilbao, which we are already guaranteed to play in for 1 match). There are 2 more for the Quarter Finals (Baku and Budapest are less likely as would require more complications and possibly a draw if two teams were tied). There is one more for the semis and finals (England is definite should we get that far). So in short - GROUP STAGE 1.We will play 1 group match in Bilbao AGAINST Spain 2.We will play 1 group match in Dublin AGAINST 1 of France/Poland/Switzerland/Croatia3.We will play 1 group match in Dublin AGAINST 1 of Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czechia 4.WE CANNOT play any other teams in the First Round, nor at any other venues. SECOND ROUND 1.We can only play at Glasgow, Copenhagen, Budapest or Bilbao 2.We would have to win the group to play in Glasgow 3.We would have to come second in the group to play in Copenhagen QUARTER FINALS 1.Officially we could still be at any of the four quarter final venues but Baku and Munich are harder to predict. To play in Rome we would need to win the group, and to play in St. Petersburg we would need to come second in the group and probably beat England, Wales, Scotland (if they qualify), Finland or one of Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czechia. SEMI FINALS and FINAL 1.We can only play at Wembley in both.
  5. Jonny

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    I did a bit of working out about Our Group (Group E), the venues and the potential Second Round/Quarter Final venues. I also eliminated 4 host cities we CANNOT play in. If we qualify, the ONLY Group we can be in is GROUP E, which is guaranteed to have Spain as top seed and ALL group matches in Bilbao or Dublin. If this is us, we will play Spain away in Bilbao and our other two matches will be in Dublin (v. 2 from France, Poland, Cheatzerland, Croatia, Portugal, Turkey, Austria, Sweden, Czechia). No other venues or opponents are possible in the Group Stage. 1.Spain 2.France/Poland/Switzerland/Croatia 3.Portugal/Turkey/Austria/Sweden/Czechia 4.Northern Ireland (my preference - Spain, Cheatzerland, Austria, Northern Ireland) (Group of sure death - Spain, France, Portugal, Northern Ireland) THEN, if we WIN Group E, our Second Round match will be in Glasgow on 30th June, with the Quarter Final in Rome on 4th July. THEN if we are runner up in Group E, our Second Round match will be in Copenhagen on 29th June, with the Quarter Final in St. Petersburg on 3rd July. THEN, if we are one of the four best third placed teams in Group E, our Second Round match could be in either Bilbao or Budapest on 28th June. We can ONLY play in London if we reach the Semi Finals. It is now NOT possible for us to play any tournament matches in Amsterdam or Bucharest. It is now extremely unlikely chance that we will need to play in Baku or Munich (we'd need to qualify, then to finish third, then to be drawn into the Bilbao Second Round spot, then to win it). (I have checked this a few times, but there could still be some mistakes as for sure it is NOT easy!)
  6. Jonny

    Other groups

    This is why the entire thing is a shambles. The weirdest part of it for me is that: Portugal won Euro 2016 Portugal won their World Cup group Portugal won their Nations League Group Portugal won the Nations League Group A section Apparantly, Portugal even won "The Nations League" yet they are not guaranteed to qualify!! They could even come third in current group on goal difference, win a play off Semi and still not make it!! I would love it for them to miss out, to see what UEFA's excuse would be. Also we have bate Belarus three times since 2016 yet they are two wins away from qualifying, against teams such as Luxembourg, Kosovo etc. Finally, is it also possible that we WIN our last three matches and still don't qualify?? Is that possible??
  7. Jonny

    Other groups

    Or just as sweet, if this is all going to plan would be if we bate Bosnia-Herzegovina away and then have to bate Austria in Vienna in the (fake word used due to UEFA) "final" of the (also fake) Nations League B Group. In essence we'd qualify and the brace from our group don't!! This would make a total farce of the stupid "Europa League", "Nations League", "League of Nations" excremental cow product we've listened to for the last year double. Imagine that. Some of us (me included) would even neck a pint of Buckfast on YouTube wearing a Linfield tap if that happens! But yeah I'd take Wales too and get Keef Gillespie to pour a pint over Ryan Gigg's head live on Sky after Iain DOwie bullets a last minute winner disguised as Bailey Peacock Farrell!
  8. Jonny

    Other groups

    You're aware of Jason Robb (Tartan Seagull)? He knows what he's talking about, more than the IFA.
  9. Jonny

    Other groups

    That's exactly my point, that when you take those points off say the top 5 teams, it was possible the bottom team leapfrogged them, making it a farce.
  10. Jonny

    Other groups

    No, there was a point where they took away bottom teams results, only to find that had the teams above them lost to the bottom teams, the bottom team could have taken the 3rd spot (top spot and second probably not). The fact is the whole thing is a shambles. As Richard says you can not score a goal and qualify!!
  11. Jonny

    Other groups

    Cracking result for Liechtenstein against the 2004 Champions!
  12. Jonny

    Other groups

    Richard yes you could. Also in the previous qualifiers there was an outrageous scenario where results against the bottom team didn't count in SOME groups. In essence, this meant that had the top 2 teams lost twice each to the bottom team, the teams in 3rd and 4th would have taken the top 2 spots, or in a crazier scenario, the team at the BOTTOM of the group (if it was a tight group with 6 points between top and bottom - unlikely, but possible). This would mean the bottom team could have came second after the points of the matches they won, were removed from the teams above them, allowing them to overtake.
  13. Jonny

    Other groups

    Yes but it could get to the point where we bate Belaruskies home and away and finish above them and they qualify and we don't. It really can happen, but let's focus on winning our last four games so there can be no doubt.
  14. Jonny

    Aaron Hughes Tribute?

    He'll be back in the squad by November.
  15. Jonny

    Other groups

    Kosovo are now top. IF they qualify, does the extra play-off spot to becomes Champions of the fake Group D then go to Belarus? Could four from our group all qualify?