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  1. Score Prediction v Panama

    3-1 defeat. We never do well in those away friendlies in America. Apart from the Caribbean games, have we ever even won in mainland America?
  2. Central America tour

    I cannot argue with that, and I'm a Glenman. Because at the time Glentoran humbled Lokomotiv Leipzig, Spartak Moscow and many others at the Oval. Gone are those days, but Johnny Jameson was uncapped due to the Sunday thing, yet he went to Espana 82. Goalkeeper George Dunlop was third choice in 82 and 4th in 86, I'm not sure that will happen again, but Gavin needs to be included.
  3. Central America tour

    You never know in life. I still wonder what Ollie Ralph and Gary McCartney could have done for Northern Ireland. Let's not forget big GMac who waited until he was older to move across the water and then he decided to dick the Ukraine and make a bigger stamp than even Gerry Taggart did. Across the water reason doesn't work with me Clint - remember: "He's Smith, he's Smith. he's Andy Andy Smith" (he didn't look out of place during a 0-0 draw with Champions League superstars, yet did Preston or Sheffield United even care?)
  4. Still no update on the stadium and city. When is the deadline?
  5. Central America tour

    Indeed. This is what these types of matches are for. Let's not forget that Billy Bingham ALWAYS took Irish League players to the World Cup, and I think he capped around 15 Irish League players in his times as manager. Stevie McBride and John Devine being ones I remember vividly as a child.
  6. Starting XI v South Korea

    Haven't seen injury updates or anything but I'd go with: McGovern (Carson in second half) McLoughlin Hughes (replace at HT) Evans Lewis Davis (captain) Saville McGinn Dallas Lafferty Boyce But might also be good to drop the likes of Evans, Hughes etc. and try some unknowns but I think we'll be all out for the win here. Looking forward to see Saville again - thought he was excellent v. Cheatzerland away.
  7. South Korea Match Predictions

    Half ate? It was half ten actually, not half ate, unless the time difference changes on the Lisburn till Donaghadee bypass and I was none the wiser as I'd me neck chewing a pastie bap. Is yer man Son from Tottingham playing or not? Quare job marking him if yer no Aaron Hughes. Be tempted till stick Saville on him - he would fix him.
  8. South Korea Match Predictions

    I'll show ye two real life photos I took. Tell me which one ye'd ate, I won't give away which is which, BUT one is from NORTHERN Ireland, the other is from SOUTHERN Korea. One has dog in it. The other doesn't. I ate both but still have my favourite:
  9. Central America tour

    I suggest we all buy green and white Panama hats and sail down the canal with a carryout pretending it's the Lagan. Most exciting away tour in years, missed the 2004 one so I know I will regret it if I miss this one.
  10. The Bosnia Herzegovina goalkeeper in horrendous, always making errors. He had about 5 matches at AFC Bournemouth in 2007 and cost us about 15 points with blunders. Brighton home and Carlisle home he was atrocious. Did the same again in his second spell especially v. West Ham. So we shouldn't have any trouble scoring against them if Begovic does nets.
  11. South Korea

    Why do we call them North Korea and South Korea instead of Northern Korea and Southern Korea? Our name is Northern Ireland not North Ireland. Can we not at least have some consistency here? The Republic of Ireland v. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea also sounds ridiculous. Should they add the "ern" or should we lose ours?
  12. Central America tour

    Wouldn't you love it if we bate them away and then they go till England and smash them at Elland Road 3-0.
  13. Central America tour

    Was only about 80 p so it was. You'll all be eating them in May - June. Although in fairness, I hope the team get better grub!
  14. March Friendlies?

    How many do South Korea take away? Will it be tough to get a ticket in the home end? If we give them an allocation of 10% I reckon we'll all end up buying away zone tickets our contact from Jimmy Hong Kim in Ballyclare. I hope I am not the SEOUL person in the away end as I don;t know how they will react to our SONGs. What are the odds of Niall McGinn scoring a hat-trick?