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  1. Jonny

    Minutes Silence

    Were the black armbands worn because of Cookstown also?
  2. Jonny

    Match predictions Northern Ireland v. Belarus

    Yes, Belarus have improved a lot sadly. A 3-0 repeat win is unlikely but of course welcomed. Plus, Grigg, Lafferty and Washington were all playing well at that time and we played them off the park. I imagine a tight and nervy game. As I said, we'll win 1-0.
  3. Jonny

    Germany or Holland

    Spot on. Two draws means that a potential 6 points ends up being 4. Germany 2 Netherlands 2 Then if we nick a draw or a win over one of them we are on. Wins are always better than draws (for that team) as it is a total of 3 points gained, whereas a draw is 2 points gained. So every draw from those teams means 1 point gained for us in theory. And on top of that 0-0 draws with 6 red cards (3 each) are even better.
  4. Jonny

    Late Train ?

    When did I mention alcohol??? I can carryout a tin of Club Orange. 😉
  5. Jonny

    Late Train ?

    Carryout loyal.
  6. Jonny

    Squad formation v Estonia

  7. Jonny

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Exactly - some buck eejits were saying that getting relegated was a good thing. It certainly wasn't. There's too much confusion over this. Third and fourth place don't get play offs at all as far as I can tell now. I'm hearing that the four winners of the Nations League Group B might not even get the chance to play their play offs if they are already qualified, which is farcical. It could mean we get a play off spot despite finishing bottom of our group, as out Nations League position was 24. It would be like putting Fulham v Newcastle straight into the FA Cup final now, and have them both relegated. Imagine if we finish bottom of the group then get a play off and qualify. It would be ridiculous if these rumours are true. And what if Cheatzerland win their group and the Nations League? Do they get to qualify twice then? It's all ridiculous.
  8. Jonny

    Score Prediction v Rep of Ireland

    I don't want you to head to the Leisure centre for tomorrow night will not be a blur. Don't tell me modern life is rubbish. First goal in the 13th minute? I'm off the booze mate - coffee and TV for this one but will still sing a song or 2 on my own.
  9. Jonny

    Score Prediction v Rep of Ireland

    indeed a cracker mate! ???
  10. Jonny

    Score Prediction v Rep of Ireland

    Aye but yer missing thon fact that we will bate them 3-0. If I was a betting man...even Damon Albarn predicts a 3-0 away win (and he lives in a huge house near Ballymena, to Stereotype it a bit). I thinks the Girls and Boys will have a great time and we will play till the end. "confidence is a prefence of the Ulsterman who bate themmuns 3-0" #windsorPARKLIFE
  11. Jonny

    Score Prediction v Rep of Ireland

    Fake Ireland 0-3 Original Ireland. Hat-trick of own goals from Poppy McClaim.
  12. Jonny

    Sell Out v Austria?

    Some fans are fickle and a lot of complete buck eejits. It could be because we basically caned Bosnia-Herzegovina and Israel in the last two matches and were brilliant entertainment to watch (despite somehow losing the first match), so now they want a piece of it. Plus we normally smash 5 goals past Austria when we play them in November. Incidentally Michael O'Neill double onion bagged them that night.
  13. Jonny

    Score Prediction v Israel

    1-0 to Northern Ireland. Grigg to play out of his skin and catch fire many times, but Jamal Lewis to bullet the winner from 60 yards in the 93rd minute.