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    Central America tour

    Costa Rica, as you say "make a big push on tourism". For me that's money orientated only and gives me even more reason to favour the others ahead of it. Countries that don't make a push for tourism are normally the better ones to visit, more raw and real and not just after tourist dollars. I much preferred the rawness of El Salvador and Honduras but we don't play them two. In terms of safety, mostly media hype. I spent two nights in what is often dubbed "the most dangerous city in the world" and it was nicer than Costa Rica's San Jose! Closer to the time, I guess we will discuss the countries more, though the wildlife in Costa Rica was good. You can see snakes, iguanas and toucans there.
  2. Jonny

    Central America tour

    No. But I did that in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua and the coastline was amazing. By the time I had backpacked down to Costa Rica, I was pretty bored of Central America. The best thing about Costa Rica for me was staying in the Hemingway Hotel, visiting a church made of metal and seeing a Toucan. If you have 2-3 weeks, I'd only spend 5-6 days in Costa Rica. Honduras and El Salvador in particular are a lot nicer in my opnion.
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    Central America tour

    This is the most interesting away tour in my opinion since the Caribbean one (where we were unbeaten and Healy broke Clarkeys record and I regret missing it). It will be tough to stay unbeaten in this one and tough for me to regret missing it again. I backpacked both countries a few years ago and loved them both. Panama City's mix of Old Town (with its Cuban rum style bars and pokey cafes) v. the Mega modern New City was extreme and I also visited the canal (at Miraflores Locks so might do a different part of canal if I go back). Costa Rica wasn't quite as nice a country but still found San Jose a great city and I'm sure the GAWA will bring both to life. Internal buses and hostels were very cheap when I was there. Ticket scandal coming up for sure. What are the chances of us having to buy in the home end again? Flights via Madrid (with a Ryanair to Madrid return) plus unusual connections (for those that have time to spare) should keep costs down on this one.