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  1. coatsey10

    Post Mortem

    See i have it the other way round. I see Jones as a better relief option. You can give him the ball and he'll be able to go on a run and take defenders on amd get us up the pitch a bit. Always nice for a defender to see when under the pump. I see Ferguson as the better option when we'll have the ball more as he is going to be better at keeping possession and delivery.
  2. coatsey10

    Post Mortem

    BPF - not much to do but stood up when needed. I was critical of him at the time for the goal but seeing it back on the highlights theres nothing he could have done. Dallas - not a RB. He's a good player do we've got away with it against the lesser teams. Need a change of shape to make it work long term imo. Evans & Cathcart - different level of player to the rest of the squad. Positioning, distribution, everything. Lewis - very promising. Likes to get forward and that cross he put in for Lafferty to shy away from was excellent. The Laffs of 4 years ago nods that in or at least doesn't pull out of the challenge for fear of getting bumped by the gk. Davis & Saville - worked hard, thought both were a little loose at times but i think as a duo they knit everything together well and both will always show for the ball, making the distribution of the CBs all the easier. McNair - MOTM for me. He feels like a real driving force going forward and i prefer him on set pieces to Norwood. McGinn - Dont really recall him being too heavily involved but i still think he's the best wide option we have Jones - wasteful but a good outlet to relieve any sort of pressure. Could end up being an important player in the matches where we dont have that much possession. Lafferty - looks like he's done. Looks so low on confidence. That cross from Lewis on the 75th or whenever it was sums up Lafferty right now. Keeper drawn out, ball swinging back away from goal, just stick your head on it and it's a goal or you get clattered and its a penalty. Instead he pulled out and the chance went. Should never have left Hearts. Ferguson - better on the ball than Jones and has more end product. I'd have thought he would have been more suited to the games where we would have expected to dominate the ball. Boyce & Magennis - much better movement than Lafferty. Much better hold up play and linking the play. Going into next 2 fixtures I'd like to see Smyth get a chance. Him and Jones with their pace either side of Magennis would be a force to be reckoned with i think. More than the sum of their parts.
  3. coatsey10

    Starting Eleven

    BPF McLaughlin Cathcart Evans Lewis Dallas Davis Saville McNair Ferguson Magennis
  4. coatsey10

    Match predictions Northern Ireland v. Belarus

    Nervy 1-0 Cathcart header
  5. coatsey10

    Post Mortem

    Never mind. I can read it properly now.
  6. coatsey10

    Post Mortem

    I'm really struggling to figure out what period of time you're describing... maybe the head isn't clear of the drink yet
  7. coatsey10

    Post Mortem

    Was the atmosphere notably poor? Seeing a lot of moaning and conspiracy theories about the IFA wanting rid of real fans/Ulster banners/National Anthems/the working class... I didn't notice it being particularly quiet
  8. coatsey10

    Post Mortem

    I would have taken a win in any form. The fact we got the win comfortably in the end was even better. I think the performances were generally good and the standard didn't dip with the subs that were made. Couple of missed chances but nothing to stress about. McNair could try to miss that header another 100 times and score every time. Another win Sunday in any form will be good for the confidence and get a bit of a buzz about things for the aways. Oh also that was never a pen.
  9. coatsey10

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Loyalty system... easy
  10. coatsey10

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Same here. Heart was going like the clappers. The damage that could have done for years to come can't be comprehended.
  11. coatsey10

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Really happy. It wasn't looking good for second there. Thought we were going to get the beggars.
  12. coatsey10

    UEFA considering international leagues

    So we could end up in a situation where we regularly play the ROI in a competitive fixture. This will surely end well.
  13. coatsey10

    UEFA considering international leagues

    The division winners should go into a playoff with 1vs4, 2vs3 and the winner getting a place... Singular. Anything else would just take the shine off it. May as well just take it in turns to win the group.