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  1. South Korea

    Costa Rica and Panama games are shown in the IFA site as 1945 kick offs, which seems strange.
  2. South Korea

    And there was me thinking the 2pm ko was for Korean TV, when it was for you all along Stephen 😉
  3. Starting XI v South Korea

    Probably too many........
  4. South Korea Match Predictions

    Kim Jung Un will knock your ballix in!
  5. UEFA considering international leagues

    Yep, and a 25% chance our other opponent will be Bales. Would prefer Sweden Austria myself. If we happened to top our group we'd be in with the big boys next time, which is quite an incentive.
  6. UEFA considering international leagues

    So, best case geographically is Bales and RoI, wost case geographically is Russia and Bosnia, most attractive to me would be Austria and Sweden.
  7. UEFA considering international leagues

    Still confused about this! Are you saying that the leagues are based on where uefa teams are placed in the FIFA rankings, with the teams ranked 13-24 in league B? Therefore the teams ranked 13-16 will form one league B division and so on up to 21-24?
  8. UEFA considering international leagues

    Designed so that the big boys in the main play each other = more revenue for them.
  9. UEFA considering international leagues

    Difficult questions to address. Seemed like honest answers.