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  1. Tarabonga

    Starting Eleven

    Maginnis came on with Estonia chasing the game and leaving gaps at the back, and whilst he looked OK it was a completely different set up to what Lafferty faced i.e. two central defenders on laffs for most of the game. Lafferty also set up the first goal. IMO it would be very strange to drop Lafferty for Maginnis.
  2. Tarabonga

    Post Mortem

    And there's me saying during the match that we was overly fussy! That's what happens when I go to a game sober 😉.
  3. Tarabonga

    Germany or Holland

    That would mean taking 4 points off Germany, assuming that we both take 12 off BEL and EST. I think our best chance is to take 12 off BEL and EST, beat GER and HOL at home, and hope one of them slips up away to BEL (or EST). I'll certainly not be putting any money on that..............
  4. Tarabonga

    Post Mortem

    Had my doubts at the time, but having seen it on TV it would have been given as a foul if it had occurred in midfield, so inside the box it has to be given as a pen. Thought the ref was poor though.
  5. Tarabonga

    Looking ticket for the kop

    PM sent Paul.
  6. Tarabonga

    Looking ticket for the kop

    Any Kop tickets still available? A mate of mine would use one. Cheers.
  7. Tarabonga

    Sunday train service

    The Bangor one stops at every hole in the hedge, so I'd expect the others to do likewise. Don't think there are any "express" trains after the evening rush hour.
  8. Tarabonga

    Other groups

    But sure aren't they world beaters now having won their group in league C of the nations thingummy?
  9. Tarabonga

    Estonia Squad

    I know his brother well, Prawn Puri.
  10. Tarabonga

    Letsby Avenue

    Can't get excited about this at all since that dreadful draw for the groups. Hopefully will change once I get in, but I'm driving tonight as well 😟. Would be great to' get a good performance and result 👍
  11. Tarabonga

    Squad formation v Estonia

    Hopefully that's not too far off the mark.
  12. Tarabonga

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    3-0, followed by 1-1 v Belarus
  13. Tarabonga

    Squad formation v Estonia

    Agreed that this is the most likely line-up. Not that I'd agree with it either!
  14. Tarabonga

    Estonia Squad

    That's being very generous to the Irish league, but I take your point.
  15. Tarabonga

    Squad formation v Estonia

    MON will find a place for magennis. God knows why though....