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  1. Tarabonga

    2020/21 UEFA Nations League

    Places I want to visit: Czech Rep, Norway, Hungary. Draw to win the group: Austria, Scotland, Israel/Bulgaria.
  2. Tarabonga

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    Good info and advice as always gspain 👍
  3. Tarabonga

    Bass Drums

    Have to say I like having a drum in the crowd. It can keep us going in moments of despair. But needs to be done right. Some of the efforts at Windsor lately have been pitiful, and diluted the effort from the rest of the crowd.
  4. Tarabonga

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    Maybe the dup will have their bridge built by then 😂
  5. Tarabonga

    Squad for Netherlands and Germany

    Lomas is a twat. Towards the end of the first half he says Michael would have liked to get them in at 0-0, then second half he says do don't want to be getting hammered 5 or 6 nil
  6. Tarabonga

    Squad for Netherlands and Germany

    Have we ever scored in every away qualifier before?
  7. Tarabonga

    Germany v Northern Ireland score prediction

    Hope you're right 👍
  8. Tarabonga

    Germany v Northern Ireland score prediction

    A goal would be a bonus...
  9. Tarabonga

    Score Prediction - N. Ireland v Holland

    Most unlucky............
  10. Tarabonga

    Post Mortem

    VVD was booed because he's a top player. Same as happened previously with Beckham and Ronaldo. Personally I'd prefer to cheer on my team than boo the opposition, but it is what it is. I like Liverpool, but when watching OWC I couldn't give a damn about whether Liverpool players get booed, and I'd be pretty sure they don't either! And as for the Celtic reference, wise up! We've enough detractors peddling crap like this without our own fans talking such nonsense.
  11. Tarabonga

    Post Mortem

    Game was flat (though not our fault Ronald), which didn't help maintain the atmosphere. Missing the penalty also contributed to this. Holland obviously happy to take a draw. Nonetheless, still a very creditable result for us. The only thing we have to fear in the playoffs is ourselves.
  12. Tarabonga

    Bass Drums

    Slower than big Josh.
  13. Tarabonga

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    Except the Dutch generally speak better English than we do ......
  14. Tarabonga

    Other groups

    Italy walloped Bosnia away last night. I reckon we could do an Italian Job there too 👍