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  1. Home game kick-off times

    really spolied lately with the 7-45 kick off times, always a better atmosphere imo
  2. March Friendlies?

    though they have a positive side to them as a few younger up and coming players should get a game
  3. March Friendlies?

    i thought the idea of the nations league was to avoid friendlies, im not complaining though as will miss at least one of those matches
  4. UEFA considering international leagues

    cheers LBW it was November 1995 MON did score 5-3 cracking game
  5. UEFA considering international leagues

    would really have loved Wales for some revenge but will settle with those 2 Wasn't it 4-3 against Austria the last time we payed them at home and i think Michael scored?
  6. UEFA considering international leagues

  7. UEFA considering international leagues

    made a little easier to comprehend below https://www.irishfa.com/news/2018/january/a-look-at-northern-ireland-s-potential-opponents-in-new-uefa-competition
  8. UEFA considering international leagues

    we fear no-one, saying that there are some teams preferred not to meet
  9. South Korea

    may head to this one i don't ike missing any home matches, 2pm strange KO time which may effect the atmosphere/attendance
  10. March Friendlies?

    that's true Clint
  11. March Friendlies?

    I'm not getting too excited about that one tbh suppose will be a decent test for us though
  12. Central America tour

    wouldn't be gettig too excited about these games at all
  13. UEFA considering international leagues

    something we need to address is beating lower ranked teams!! Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - ranked 31, 34 and 39 respectively by Uefa - could find themselves playing each other in the third of four divisions using the current national team coefficient. so i could see a full WP for that one, also with a chance of promotion surely thats an incentive to play "bigger" teams
  14. UEFA considering international leagues

    seems like a much better option than cry-off friendlies Nations League: New European tournament to be confirmedComments (18) A "League of Nations" that would be a third major tournament for European countries after the World Cup and European Championship is expected to be given the go-ahead by Uefa on Thursday. Games would be played in odd-numbered years on dates reserved for friendlies, starting after the 2018 World Cup. No exact details have been confirmed, but there would be up to four divisions with promotion and relegation, plus a 'final four' competition in the summer. England would likely be in a top tier. League of Nations key pointsPlayed biennially in odd-numbered years Winners of the lower divisions could be granted entry to the European Championships The first tournament is scheduled for after the 2018 World Cup There will be up to four divisions, with the top tier expected to feature England The 54 member associations of European football's governing body will vote on the proposal at its annual congress in Kazakhstan. Uefa general secretary Gianni Infantino has confirmed an agreement to set up the new tournament should be reached on Thursday. He said: "What has triggered what is being called the Nations League is the international calendar and the dates for friendly matches. "We have been looking at optimising the structure of the calendar without bringing in any more dates. "There are teams everyone wants to play against and other teams who struggle to get the opponents they'd ideally like. For all national associations, the fact is that national team matches are key for their development." On rankings, England would be in the top division alongside the likes of Spain, Germany and Italy. Each division would then be divided into groups with the winners qualifying for a semi-final and final, played at neutral venues. Winners of the lower divisions could be granted entry to the European Championship. Northern Ireland and Wales - ranked 47 and 48 respectively by Uefa - could find themselves playing each other in the bottom division. Scotland's ranking of 24 could see them meeting the likes of Sweden, Croatia and Poland in the league. While matches will be played on dates reserved for friendlies, there will still be flexibility for smaller countries to arrange high-profile fixtures with bigger European teams and for nations to play friendlies against national sides from outside Europe. The Football Association is in favour of the plan, with chairman Greg Dyke saying earlier this month: "The hard thing is the detail but I think a Nations League where we played the top nations would be very attractive."
  15. hi, do you know why the Donnelly fourm has been removed?? has he jumped? (better to ask in privite)