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    Most Sports especially squash, golf, football, cricket and snooker. Computers, Satellite, Eating Out.
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  1. chopper1

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    not the most exciting of draw against teams we have already played very recently
  2. chopper1

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    gives us a chance
  3. chopper1

    Post Mortem

    I'll agree with most iof that and for some that say i put club before country, get a grip of yourselves ive been a NI supporter and gone to matchs from the 70's probably before most of you were born If i decide i don't want to renew my BB then that my decision
  4. chopper1

    Other groups

    that ball was well over the line for Kazikstan
  5. chopper1

    Post Mortem

    have my own reasons, an age thing for one the abuse a certain Dutch player got was a disgrace, because of Liverpool, Celtic or both? though their manager fully deserved his stick apart from VVD and pother defenders arguing, the keeper was the main reason Davis missed the pen MON said himself Draw a decent result just found it so hard to watch, Defence was solid, though going forward apart from 1st 10 mins there was nothing, bright spark was Whyte
  6. chopper1

    Post Mortem

    awful match from start to finish, atmosphere was decent could be my last home match too
  7. chopper1

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    Cowman or Cowboy, Everton reject
  8. chopper1

    Score Prediction - N. Ireland v Holland

    1-3 not sure who for though, i've a good idea unfotunately
  9. chopper1

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    lets give him hell tonight, not fit to mange Everton, never mind the Dutch
  10. chopper1

    Other groups

    results going our way so far
  11. chopper1

    Other groups

    1-1 now England rampant 7-0 still few mins left
  12. chopper1

    Other groups

    Moldova 1-0 up in France-that would be a major shock!
  13. chopper1

    Other groups

    Czech Rep to beat Kosovo later today
  14. chopper1

    Other groups

    probably right there, things happen we never hear about
  15. chopper1

    Other groups

    can't take a beating always the one in trouble, ,he'd fight with his shadow credit to Gomez after being grabbed round the neck, he told Southgate he wanted Sterling to stay in the squad