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  1. Good_Seasons_NI

    Score Prediction v Rep of Ireland

    Whoevers up for it the most then wins
  2. Good_Seasons_NI

    Score Prediction v Rep of Ireland

    Not exactly a long shot is it? Theyre not world beaters.
  3. Good_Seasons_NI

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    I thought that was really nice of the local Church of Ireland school (St Andrews of Malahide) to come out and watch the team training today. A great touch by the IFA and the school.
  4. Good_Seasons_NI

    Score Prediction v Rep of Ireland

    Rep 0-2 Northern Ireland
  5. Good_Seasons_NI

    Squad formation v Bosnia

    Thats a sickner because I think Michael might finally be starting to realise how important he is for us.
  6. Good_Seasons_NI

    Post Mortem

    I think Peacock Farrell is going to be very very good for us soon but right now hes not just good enough. Showing too many signs of inexperience. Should never have been collecting that backpass. Lucky we didnt go 1-0 down right there. Been a couple other instances in last couple of matches too. But like I say I do think he will be really good in as soon as another year or two. Grigg shows once again that he should be starting every game because he is one of those strikers who shows really good oppourtunism when he plays. He should have scored last night. His smart near post header showed sharpness and agility that we dont have when hes not on.
  7. Good_Seasons_NI

    Score Predictions

    Hate to say this but I think we will finish bottom of our group. I still think we're a good team but losing to Bosnia at home was a killer. Ill be a tad more optimistic though and say this will be a 1-1 draw
  8. Good_Seasons_NI

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    I was a wee bit surprised at the attendance on Saturday. I think they said it was around 16,700. If thats the case for a competitve match Id be surpised if the attendance for the Israel game is more than 15k. Hopefully not lower.
  9. Good_Seasons_NI

    Starting XI v Israel

    For me Boyce should be given a start. He's been in great form for his club. I think Boyce is underrated a lot. I tip him to score if he plays
  10. Good_Seasons_NI

    Post mortem

    I thought we played one of our best games in a long time. I mean something like 30 shots??? Thats crazy by our standards. You have to be overall happy with the performance. It was one of those days when we just couldnt score. Any other day I think we would have won.
  11. Good_Seasons_NI

    Match predictions v. Bosnia-Herzegovina

    I reckon (as with a lot of these Nations league games) that it'll be tight, but Im just glad its not a friendly. Less friendly games the better.
  12. Good_Seasons_NI

    2019 Fixtures

    Has anyone received their campaign cards yet? Edit: No need to answer...can see nobody has received theirs yet. Had totally forgot my gold campaign card covered that Bosnia game!
  13. Good_Seasons_NI

    2019 Fixtures

    Am I right in saying the Gold/Silver Campaign cards fixtures for the Euros havent been figured out yet? I renewed but I cant think what the first game Ive paid for is. I know theres a bunch of friendlies and nations league games coming up.
  14. Good_Seasons_NI

    Central America tour

    Griggs scored 6 in the Championship with a crap team. Thats 6 more than Messi and Ronaldo put together.
  15. Good_Seasons_NI

    Central America tour

    Should just come out and say what the deal is with Grigg.