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  1. Central America tour

    Griggs scored 6 in the Championship with a crap team. Thats 6 more than Messi and Ronaldo put together.
  2. Central America tour

    Should just come out and say what the deal is with Grigg.
  3. South Korea

    Yeah I noticed Washingtons build before. His psychice is almost more like a body builder than a footballer.
  4. South Korea

    Another impressive game by Saville. Can see him being our best player in years to come.
  5. South Korea

    I agree they deserve a full house but Im gonna do some gardening and have an afternoon nap. Wake me come September or whenever it is theyre playing for real.
  6. South Korea

    Personally speaking I just have no interest in pointless friendly matches any more. Maybe its because Im getting older? If this was a competitive game Id be there.