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  1. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    It's amazing how many goals you score when you know where the net is.
  2. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Probably the only one I would call up...and play him.
  3. UEFA considering international leagues

    Unfortunately UEFA would like to promote the Euros as an add on to the Champions league and EPL and la classico, don't win friends with salad over there.
  4. UEFA considering international leagues

    Make no mistake Asia ain't interested in Spain playing N.I This will guarantee the major nations playing in the Euros, they've even stopped host nations getting automatic qualification...unless it's Spain, Germany etc
  5. UEFA considering international leagues

    Gained through experience.
  6. UEFA considering international leagues

    I genuinely doubt UEFA have any good intentions here,the Euros will become another Champions league with the participants known before a ball has been kicked...and doubt they want us at the party either.
  7. UEFA considering international leagues

    With the current rankings would that mean N.I are practically guaranteed a play off for Euro 20 and if so they can take this and ram it!