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  1. PeteM

    Team Formation v Austria

    I can see MON starting Cory Evans in this one - a tough away game where we concede a lot of possession. And therefore Magennis starts up front on his own. Can't see Saville, Davis and Norwood all fitting in though, unless Davis plays wide right. We know MON likes a bit of pace out wide.
  2. PeteM

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    I'll be going as long as the travel situation isn't a pain in the arse. It's likely I'll go to this one on my own, keep away from drama, and watch a game of football. Only because it's the football team I love playing an hour and a bit down the road, and not for any other reason.
  3. PeteM

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    There was some message about Israel/Palestine etc written on a manky bedsheet hung from a flyover on the Westlink yesterday at rush hour. No idea what it said, the wind and rain had turned it into no more than a wet rag by the time I was going past. Suspect there'll be more later today.
  4. PeteM

    Post mortem

    I rewatched the highlights last night and reckon they were both at fault.. BPF seemed to signal to his ear before going to the ball, I'm guessing he didn't get a call from Cathcart that the ball was going to be headed in his direction. But his movement towards the ball was a bit strange, it seemed to go past him a bit too easy? I don't think the distance was too great for him to dash quicker to the ball and get hands on it, or hoof it clear. Just looked like a breakdown in communication and bit of blame-game, instead of taking charge of getting the ball safe. That said, he's still fairly inexperienced and should be given a chance to show his worth. Funnily enough I was thinking about how this match reminded me of that Azerbaijan game, which I think also had Lafferty up top on his own initially. When we play a possession based game, he just doesn't look as effective as a lone striker. He doesn't get into the right spaces to have the ball played into his feet, maybe because he attracts tighter marking because of his size. If MON is going to push for us having the ball more, he needs to consider either two strikers, or starting with one that is better with back to goal (Boyce?). That would then also give the likes of Dallas better options, instead of just skinning a full back and putting a cross into a deserted box.
  5. PeteM

    Post mortem

    Really strange game to sum up, but the result was definitely our own doing. Really strong starting lineup, but poor decision making in the attacking areas and lack of concentration at the back cost us the game. I thought Norwood controlled the game well from midfield, but poor set pieces let him down. And there's absolutely no need for short corner routines in professional football. I have a sneaking suspicion that Bosnia team are not as poor as their first half display would suggest - they looked shambolic to begin with, but played to their strengths in the second half and got the result. The away match will definitely be harder for us.
  6. PeteM

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    Bit harsh? Could argue that he's already more experienced than Stephen Craigan was at that age. Can't really compare Donnelly's ability with Craigan's (retrospectively), mind.
  7. PeteM

    Central America tour

    Michael's obviously had a word and giving him an opportunity to see if he's up to it. I'm surprised there aren't more of the current U21s in there though, to be honest.