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  1. UEFA considering international leagues

    Good man, thanks for clearing that up
  2. UEFA considering international leagues

    On the topic... http://www.football-rankings.info/2017/09/uefa-nations-league-seeding-simulations.html?m=1 Apparently we're dead cert for League B. There is a 1% chance of us making A but I would assume not only would we need 2 wins but also results to go our way. Interestingly, Finlands wins over Iceland and Kosovo has guaranteed they can't fall into League D
  3. UEFA considering international leagues

    That can't be right mate. The win over San Marino earned us 371 points. The Czech win got us 1183 points. Surely we'd be looking at the same or more for a win over the Germans??? Or are we talking about two different things?
  4. UEFA considering international leagues

    If, and I'm aware it's a massive IF, we did manage to beat the Germans, is there a chance we would squeeze into League A?! Beating Germany in a competitive match would score a huge amount of rankings points and we're currently ranked second in League B... Assuming of course we then did the job against Norway
  5. UEFA considering international leagues

    Fair point. Although I must admit I'd be miffed if we missed out on qualification and Kazakhstan were on the way to the Euros!
  6. UEFA considering international leagues

    Crazy to think that one of the teams in League D will be at the Euros.