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  1. the_hawk

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    I suppose it's fairly irrelevant at this stage, but I assume we had to play a friendly rather than have some sort of "get together" training camp for a few days. Either way, I can think of 204 FIFA Nations I'd rather have played instead of them.
  2. the_hawk

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    The simple fact is that if we finish 1st or 2nd in our UEFA Nations group we'll be 2nd seeds for the Euro 2020 qualifiers. If we finish 3rd, we'll be 3rd seeds. Given that the top two qualify, being 1st or 2nd seeds is a HUGE advantage, so our last game against Austria at home could be massively important. ...and yet we're having to put up with the distraction of playing this shower of clampets and the whole f-ing circus that goes with it just days before it.
  3. the_hawk

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Dunno like, I normally agree with you, but I'd be excited about qualification under pretty much any circumstances....if we qualified by virtue of the fact that "N" comes before another letter of the alphabet I'd be swinging from the rooftops singing "We're not Brazil" every single night for a month.