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  1. marksyGAWA

    Your tactics v Germany

    Equalise before the other team score..
  2. marksyGAWA

    Sea of Green and more...

    Anyone see the France match before kick off fans waving flags everywhere looked great wish wee would do it properly with are fleg
  3. marksyGAWA

    Line up V Belarus

    What a result!!!
  4. marksyGAWA

    Campaign Cards

    Mine has now also been taken
  5. marksyGAWA

    Campaign Cards

    Same still no payment taken out of my account?
  6. marksyGAWA

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    Waiting for a news report of them saying the north vs Israel shud be called off how can they comment on 2 countries they believe don't exist.
  7. marksyGAWA

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/sinn-fein-calls-for-ifa-to-cancel-israel-match-1-8523996 Sinners wanting the game called off
  8. marksyGAWA

    Score Prediction v Costa Rica

    Heart, 2-0 Head 0-0 just can't see us scoring haha
  9. marksyGAWA

    Campaign Cards

    See there's a link about campaign cards on website, https://www.irishfa.com/tickets/campaign-cards but I haven't received any email details of it, has anyone else?
  10. marksyGAWA

    South Korea

    Is kick off at 2pm for Korean TV, so they can watch there team get beat??