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  1. red and green

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    If we carry on our form from the Nations League but add the goals then its a good 3-0 and 3-0 on the Sunday again, happy days!
  2. red and green

    Squad formation v Estonia

    We defo have to start with Grigg up front and give him the support he needs, Big Laff and Washington have hardly kicked a ball ffs, Davis rarely lets us down despite his lack of play time and is still a class act but as many have shown here we have all sorts of options down the lines.
  3. red and green

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Guys don't be so down, we have some big glamorous games on the way and my dream away trip has always been Holland. We can do them at Windsor, the Germans are not what they were and we will draw twice with them, beat the other two home and away and all will be good, plus if it goes tits up Austria and Bosnia will quality so we get our Nations League play off spot! Upwards and onwards GAWA!!!
  4. red and green

    Line up/Match Thread

    Agree with most here and a poor end to a bunch of games were maybe we didn’t get the result but played great. Believe Jones should have been subbed as he had no end product the whole game. Let’s hope it all clicks together come March, keep the faith!
  5. red and green

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Must admit I’m glad I went down now, played them off the park and best fans by far. Yes we still have a few di**heads but so do they. Great craic in the bars before hand and super inside the stadium, should have beat them 2,3 nil. Once we start finding the back of the net we’ll be a hard team to beat!!
  6. red and green

    Best and worst - Vienna

    Best Great city, will be back Unbelievable weather Good prices Great beer Fairground Bermuda bar Great company and Gawa did us proud Great Craic all round Worst Getting into the ground Result but don’t worry out luck will change!
  7. red and green

    Post mortem

    Way too much negativity on here guys, I've never seen us have such bad luck over 3 games as this, on another day we could be sitting on 9 points topping the group, I've never seen us create so many chances! My view is we can't always be so unlucky or plain poor in front of goal and it will all click into place for the real tournament coming up next year............the one that really matters! I am very confident going forward from this and believe Grigg will be our man up front as hes the only out and out natural finisher, I don't think Vassel will last too long on the current showing, the rest of the younger squad will get better and all will be good
  8. red and green

    Post mortem

    As most have already stated I thought we played super and just one of those games were it didn't work out for us. I have said many times that we need to make Grigg our number one up front and play to his strengths, he got one sniff and scored, should have been on with at least 30 mins left. Our midfield controlled the game and it was just a bit of bad luck for both goals, our only problem was the last killer ball and attempt on goal. Young keeper did alright and good to have him and Lewis on board, lets hope they draw with Austria then we'll tank both of them in Oct!
  9. red and green

    Match predictions v. Bosnia-Herzegovina

    Hard to say on this but I think we will go for it as it actually can be very important going forward, 2-0 would be nice and Grigg coming on and playing well and enjoying it would be a big bonus all round. I reckon it will be near to a full house.
  10. red and green

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    Over the moon to see Grigg back in, thought we had lost him, I still believe he could/should be our main striker if we play to his strengths. Strong squad on paper but way too many not playing regular football!
  11. red and green

    Central America tour

    As always MON is a great talker, he always makes sense on why he is doing something, great motivator in my view. We might just surprise a few people out there in the next few weeks!
  12. red and green

    Central America tour

    Same as a lot on here pretty good squad and they do a good job out there. Surprised at McGeehan as I thought he had disappeared for good but glad he’s back in as I think he could be a cracker given the chance. Lots of guys will have family commitments and other things on the go but would really love to know what’s going on with Grigg as I still feel he could be great for us.