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  1. red and green

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Booked to go to Romania as not been there before and Norway was expensive and worst still very boring! Probably do Austria too once the venue is confirmed, overall a boring draw.
  2. red and green

    Post Mortem

    Like most here I came away disappointed in nnot beating Holland and says it all, if we had the rub of the green we would have been celebrating winning home and away against, our performances give me confidence against whoever we play in the play offs! Thought the atmosphere was daed on, yes the penalty miss took the heart out of it but great all the same and super for MON at the end. As for booing VVD big deal, hes a big player and yes the Utd boys will give him a bit of stick but Im a Utd man and I booed the sh*t out of Rooney, Beckham, Ronaldo etc when we played them, its Norn Iron I follow in these matches not Utd, scousers need to wise up Lets hope for another big performance in Germany, maybe glab a point and if results go our way even a home play-off, keep the faith guys!
  3. red and green

    Fans game v Holland

    But Silver these young chaps have never seen me play, it would be an education for them.............or put them off for life
  4. red and green

    Score Prediction - N. Ireland v Holland

    What do we need to win by or what score suits us to be able to go to Germany with a chance? I'll take any score for a win but 3-0 sounds good plus I won't be a pack of nerves in the last 5 minutes!
  5. red and green

    Fans game v Holland

    Well I always have my boots with me just in case!
  6. red and green

    Fans game v Holland

    Silver/Stuarty I'm sure you'll have a cast of thousands but if your in need of a top class striker in top form just let me know
  7. red and green

    Starting line up v Holland

    Totally devastated, 5 minutes of absolute mayhem in our end, what a feeling, really thought we would not lose it at all, we seemed to switch off a bit in injury time but all 3 goals had lots of luck, ball through the legs of Jonny for the first one and the other two were 3 inchs from hitting the bar and post and going elsewhere, depressed isnt the word for it ffs but proud as hell for the team and the brillant GAWA!
  8. red and green

    Score Prediction v Holland

    Cheers Stephen, looking forward to that beer..........or two
  9. red and green

    Starting line up v Holland

    Not bad but if we are going to go for it and have two strikers I would have Boyce up with Lavery as hes the only one scoring any goals at the moment overseas, hes not so good on this own but along side someone not so bad.
  10. red and green

    Score Prediction v Holland

    1-1 and the GAWA going nuts
  11. red and green

    Starting line up v Holland

  12. red and green

    Post Mortem

    Band of the Irish Guards did before the 1-0 England game, bit of class, remember them all throwing their bear skins in the air when we scored!
  13. red and green

    Post Mortem

    Well like everyone on here so proud of our wee country and totally gutted we did not get something from that game! First half was unbelieveable and I'm sure Washington will have nightmares about that miss, I've had a few myself ffs. Starting 11 were superb, all of them and Whyte was class when he came on, not enough time for Lavery to do much and big Josh looked a bit lost. So keep the heads up guys, we can win our next 3 games and all will be good, roll on Holland, can't wait!!
  14. red and green


    Worst friendly I can remember and Ive seen a few ffs but its 5 in a row and lets hope its 6 on Monday. Conor and Saville were very poor and big Brown bless him was a shocker but maybe in time........? Thought Flannagan did well as did a few others mentioned but Lux were the better team and I reckon it was most of their first team so no shame in just beating them 1-0 with almost our third team. MON will have his plans for Monday and probably knows his team now, will be a totally diferent game and atmosphere and as long as we don't let ze Germans score an early goal you never know what will happen!
  15. red and green

    Squad for Luxembourg and Germany

    I always fancied McGeehan for us, always looked good on the ball anytime I saw him on TV, pity!