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  1. South Korea

    If only Oonagh hadn't left. She'd have had it sold out several times over, and won a prize for it.
  2. You'd have thought he'd have had better things to do on his wedding day than snooping around after you. Like watching the match himself.
  3. South Korea

    The ground will be half empty if you don't take up your first refusal. Is the game on your Ticketmaster account?
  4. Speak for yourself Chopper. I've a yellow streak down my back the width of the M2 (the foreshore bit). That means I'm going to no Bosnia. They're all nuts.
  5. Always look forward to a draw, but I think Michael's contract situation has deflected our attention this time round. Anybody but the Republic will do me.
  6. https://au.sports.yahoo.com/football/a/38635629/when-is-the-uefa-nations-league-draw-pots-seeding-everything-you-need-to-know/
  7. March Friendlies?

    It's pretty hard to get excited about any friendly. South Korea would be different at least.
  8. March Friendlies?

    They'll probably wait intil the Nation's League draw is done (24 January).
  9. Central America tour

    They've got a good national anthem. If I was footloose and fancy free .................... I took Mrs Clint to the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton to see us gubbed 2-0, courtesy of a Paul Peshysomethingo brace, on our honeymoon. Twenty odd years later she still hasn't hoofed me out.
  10. My guess would be two BBs. Of course we're dealing with the IFA here, so who knows?
  11. http://www.football-rankings.info/2017/10/official-uefa-nations-league-seeding.html A group of three then. Austria and Sweden would do nicely, though I'll be happy with anybody but the ROI.
  12. http://www.uefa.com/uefanationsleague/news/newsid=2501767.html#/
  13. Whoever came up with this League of Nations idea should be Knighted. That's probably a good thing. Could you imagine if the winner went to League C, and the loser to League D? Two teams trying to lose a match would be hilarious.
  14. It's definitely open to that kind of abuse.