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  1. Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    They should boycott it if they feel that strongly.
  2. Campaign Cards

    They're talking bollocks. How do they know it's at capacity when the renewal period still has a couple of weeks to run? Not everyone will have renewed yet (I only did ours tonight) and there's no way every single BBer will renew. Ours is down one for a start.
  3. Campaign Cards

    I've had no word, and my details of Ticketmaster are still our old seats. That said, I'm not sure how they could start reallocating seats until they see how many people renew.
  4. Austrian National Team

    I hope Vlad isn't reading this. You'll end up with a with a radioactive umbrella up your jacksy.
  5. Central America tour

    Here's tomorrow's forecast for you.
  6. Central America tour

    I hope you're wrong about Grigg, but I'm beginning to wonder. Brunt will be back in the squad come September. He'd be mad to give up now.
  7. Central America tour

    We've given Jordan Jones a second chance, so the least we can do is afford McGeehan the same. Lets just put it down as a youthful indiscretion and move on. For a while I was putting this down to circumstance. There always seemed to be a plausible reason. It's beginning to stretch credibility a bit now though. It's a funny one. I'm not entirely convinced that Hodson is the answer, so why not give Smith a go? Mystic Clint predicts that Carson and Peacock-Farrell will get a full match each. Hazard will be along for the experience, with is OK. It wouldn't be OK to bring McGovern along under those circumstances. It is.
  8. Central America tour

    Me too but, to be fair, Gavin deserves to be called up ahead of me. There's a big difference between picking an IL player, and picking a player who is probably on his way to England.
  9. Central America tour

    Talk (in the BelTel admittedly) of Gavin Whyte being included.
  10. Central America tour

    Oooooooh. I thought Twisted Sister were bad, but twisted testicle sounds much worse.
  11. Central America tour

    Is Dirk Bogarte in that?
  12. Central America tour

    We play Panama on a Tuesday, and Costa Rica on a Sunday. With something like a five hour time difference (behind us) I can't see the kick offs being 19:45 our time. Certainly not for the Tuesday match anyway.
  13. South Korea

    Forestside? FFS, you could walk it.
  14. South Korea

    Weren't they just. We've given up driving to the games. The train has taken the strain the last few times.
  15. Central America tour

    Reading that, I get the impression that the Panama game will be some experience for our lads. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43292551
  16. South Korea

    Well that was enjoyable. A victory over a good team, on a sunny afternoon, with an audacious first goal and a gleeful second. What more could you ask for?
  17. Kim Jung-in, pfffft. They'll be more worried about this lot. Carson McLaughlin Cathcart Evans Lewis Ward Saville Davis Norwood Jones Lafferty Carson, Lewis and Jones all deserve starts. They also deserve to be part of a strong team, so the rest are pretty much what you'd pick for a competitive game. Giving Cathcart a start would presumably help with his recuperation.
  18. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    It made the press too. It seems clear that he qualifies OK.
  19. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    I suppose the questions revolve around Brunt, Smyth, Goss and Grigg. I'd be surprised, and disappointed, if Brunt isn't back in September. Smyth being in the U21's is no surprise. Michael hinted at that all along. He'll be on the plane to Central America. Goss, understandably enough, is probably mulling it over. Fair enough. Fingers crossed he makes the right choice. Grigg, not for the first time, is out because his club has important games. It would be ludicrous of us to call him up under the circs.
  20. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Peacock-Farrell, Smyth, Lewis, Goss and (hopefully) an as yet unnamed other. Add them to the new boys (Saville and Jones) and it could be a very different looking squad. I doubt they'll all be included mind.
  21. South Korea

    If only Oonagh hadn't left. She'd have had it sold out several times over, and won a prize for it.
  22. You'd have thought he'd have had better things to do on his wedding day than snooping around after you. Like watching the match himself.
  23. South Korea

    The ground will be half empty if you don't take up your first refusal. Is the game on your Ticketmaster account?
  24. Speak for yourself Chopper. I've a yellow streak down my back the width of the M2 (the foreshore bit). That means I'm going to no Bosnia. They're all nuts.
  25. Always look forward to a draw, but I think Michael's contract situation has deflected our attention this time round. Anybody but the Republic will do me.