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  1. taytobowl

    Post Mortem

    Enjoyed the game, thought we played fairly well, thought Josh's header near the start was in, not Stevie D's best performance for us but his standards are set so high that doesn't really say that much. Think George Saville has regressed, looks a shadow of the player who broke into our squad. Corey Evans was immense, has to be better than a bit part player for Blackburn. Atmosphere was okay, flat for large parts but picked up mid way through the second half, despite the drums(Kop).
  2. taytobowl

    Bass Drums

    Absolutely horrendous, think the two drums were in competition to see who could dampen the atmosphere quicker and slow down every chant that we got going. Needs to be a direction on drums, need a space reserved in the middle of the stand, if you have a drum you need to go to the reserved area. Have them together, or none at all, just killed the atmosphere time and again last night.
  3. taytobowl

    Bass Drums

    Jesus f**k......
  4. taytobowl

    Score Prediction - N. Ireland v Holland

    0-2 can't see us getting anything from this to be honest.
  5. taytobowl

    Squad for Luxembourg and Germany

    Think we have a decent crop coming through in a few years, Ethan Galbraith, Sam McClelland, Kyle McClelland and Ben Wylie all look very promising, along with a few others, but there will be a huge void in terms of experience there when we lose those two in particular.
  6. taytobowl

    Squad formation v Estonia

    I know Saville is good, but asking him to play in two positions at the one time is a bit much tbh!
  7. taytobowl

    Squad formation v Estonia

    Think Smyth will start, and would be very surprised if McAuley does.
  8. taytobowl


    Helsinki and get the ferry across to Tallin? Know a few done the reverse for Finland away and really enjoyed it.
  9. taytobowl

    Score Prediction v Rep of Ireland

    My thoughts on it also.
  10. taytobowl

    Line up/match thread

    I'd add Paul Smyth into the mix, hopefully he can get some game time or at least a loan in January.
  11. taytobowl

    Line up/match thread

    Shambolic at the back! What has happened?
  12. taytobowl

    Score Predictions

    A boring 0-0
  13. taytobowl

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    Alex Bruce is still plying his trade in the championship, mostly on the bench but.......
  14. taytobowl

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    Flanagan is injured, Luke McCullough doesn't seem to be of an acceptable standard for a newly promoted League 1 side, Donnelly maybe in time, but he has never played at a level above league 2, hopefully he can get his career on track at Motherwell.
  15. taytobowl

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    The only one I would really have any worries about not being in the side is Smyth, but we are well covered for forwards..... As for the two guys almost 39, if they aren't called up, what defenders do we have to replace them?