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  1. GPJim

    Other groups

    The last few days results have fairly put a dent in our fellow Irishmen’s chances of qualification
  2. GPJim

    Starting line up v Holland

    He’d a great view of their 2nd
  3. GPJim


    Linfield’s allocation was still on sale over a week after they first went on sale. Not sure they even sold out. My daughter’s boyfriend was given a ticket for nothing today.
  4. GPJim

    Your tactics v Germany

    Score more than them.
  5. GPJim

    Germany or Holland Result

    I fear there’s goes any chance we had of finishing second.
  6. GPJim

    Germany or Holland Result

    He’s right, but a Dutch win would be very bad for us.
  7. GPJim


    What a shocker.
  8. GPJim


    So Lafferty not selected in the squad, then called up and he's now starting.
  9. GPJim

    Campaign Cards

    You can scan the barcode from the phone, either from the pdf or by storing the barcode in an app like Stocard. Can be very handy if you leave your ticket (or campaign card) at home or forgot to print it out.
  10. GPJim


    Seems the price is really putting people off as tickets are still available. I ended up not buying myself. http://www.linfieldfc.com/latestnews.aspx?id=21851
  11. GPJim


    Linfield tickets still available I believe.
  12. GPJim


    I received that email at 17:01. I might have enquired (not sure), but can't remember purchasing. Nothing new in the email to be honest as it simply directs you to an existing link. Anyway, I've forwarded it to someone who may use the facility.
  13. GPJim


    Other than hospitality, only tickets left are accessibility and Linfield’s allocation. (Before anyone asks, my member’s ticket is spoken for)
  14. GPJim


    Bunch of idiots.
  15. GPJim

    Campaign Cards

    #GAWUVF? Who are the knobbers in the IFA pandering to this nonsense?