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  1. GPJim

    Post Mortem

    Job done 2 down, 2 to go
  2. GPJim

    Minutes Silence

    I think that’s pretty much nailed it
  3. GPJim

    Minutes Silence

    Or the people murdered in Utrecht or the lady and her daughter murdered in Newry or .........
  4. GPJim

    Germany or Holland

    That's what I'm thinking. Then we somehow get points off the team that loses both and hope they drop points elsewhere. All pretty much down the toilet if we don't win our first four games.
  5. GPJim

    Match predictions Northern Ireland v. Belarus

    Don't care as long as we win. Second of four must win games.
  6. GPJim

    Post Mortem

    Personal reasons = smokescreen for "Just nat telling ye".
  7. GPJim

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    Job done. 1 down, 3 to go
  8. GPJim

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    First of four must win games. We haven’t won a competitive match in about 18 months. I don't care how we win or by how many. Just fcuking win.
  9. GPJim

    Campaign Cards

    I think Germany has been the only game when Linfield have sold their allocations. A bit in the future, but remember Members and then ST Holders can buy two each. Well if only we'd built a 25K stadium, we could have had 7,000 extra empty seats along with the extra running costs.
  10. GPJim

    Joachim Low - Running scared of OWC

    What a save, and what a miss.
  11. GPJim

    Late Train ?

    Unless Translink put a new line in, then it has to.
  12. Norwood suffering from the same .......
  13. GPJim

    Campaign Cards

    If you give him your card, he has your ticket (barcode) for all the other games too. Do you trust him?
  14. Certainly raises a few questions.
  15. GPJim

    Joachim Low - Running scared of OWC

    That’s their Achilles heel. They’re pish there. Should be a comfortable win for us.