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  1. Campaign Cards

    I would leave it, pay the U16 fee and say nothing. You’ve already told the incompetent twats, so how many more times do they need told.
  2. Austrian National Team

    They play Brazil at 3:00pm today. I'll probably watch it rather than the tennis.
  3. Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    That would be a difficult situation for the forum’s terrorist sympathising anti-semites.
  4. Campaign Cards

    Maybe Healy74 was being polite and didn’t mention there was 1 seat available, but he didn’t want to sit beside you.
  5. South Korea

    Yes, that's true, although I was down late a few times. I've changed my mind. It now makes perfect sense for people to park on Boucher. **Not that I want that closer parking space or anything.
  6. South Korea

    It's beyond me why anyone, other than those with mobility issues, would park on Boucher. Lisburn Road provides much quicker routes to exit the area and there's more options. For example, I was drinking a pint in my rugby club at 4:30pm and didn't leave my seat in the back row of the Kop until after the final whistle.
  7. South Korea

    Great. My 2 other block bookers will have to decide between their own sporting endeavours and the NI match. Have we had many other Saturday 2:00 pm starts recently? We probably have and I just don't recall them.
  8. South Korea

    I like to go for something to eat and/or a few drinks prior to the game (when I'm off work the next day). I didn't have much time for that yesterday. Not much of a reason I know, particularly given I called into my rugby club on the way home for a few swift pints.
  9. South Korea

    I'm not a fan of yesterday's 2:00 pm kick-off time.
  10. Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Can you not count the Carabao Cup? Poor McGoven is sitting on a duck otherwise and that would bring him up to 1. Have a heart man.
  11. South Korea Match Predictions

    A dog's not just for Christmas. Hopefully some left over for Boxing Day too.
  12. South Korea

    Do they not tend to release tickets in batches, meaning there may be more than that? Perhaps that's just for games with unallocated seating such as the ICF.
  13. South Korea

    http://liveonsat.com/los.soc_friend_intl_ALL.php Premier Sports
  14. South Korea

    I wouldn't have those fcukwits anywhere near it if possible. The whole thing should be run on one of those fancy computer things.
  15. South Korea

    It's not one for the big game Charlies. If the IFA want to sell out a friendly, offer triple or quadruple loyalty points and implement a process to stop people buying tickets to get those points then selling them on but keeping the points.
  16. Absolutely. Pints are shockingly expensive in Norway.
  17. We'd lose our glamour friendlies if this happened.