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  1. dana82

    Squad v Estonia (A) and Belarus (A)

    McNair on the wing? Not for me.
  2. dana82

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Ireland is on the FAI's crest, which is the biggest problem imo.
  3. dana82

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Exactly this. We are talking about the football team, not the bloody state. Its our duty to call this out as and when the FAI and others refer to the football team to as Ireland, as they are not - they are the Republic of Ireland.
  4. dana82

    Post Mortem

    Lafferty was poor again i thought, though not as bad as on Thursday. Big Josh was much better when he came on. Lewis again was very good, he's PL class. Jones was OK i thought, but quite wasteful. Our midfield looked solid. I'd have liked to have seen Smyth come on to run at defenders for the last 10/15 mins. I was impressed with Belarus in comparison to Estonia - they'll be a very tough team to beat at their place in June. Am rather annoyed at Norwood's current stance, it sounds like it may be case of him throwing his toys out of the pram? I fear he's possibly finished with NI.
  5. dana82

    Post Mortem

    Oh and Estonia were total pish.
  6. dana82

    Post Mortem

    Thought Lewis was excellent, as well as Evans and Cathcart. Lafferty was poor and clearly isnt match fit, Magennis looked alot better when he came with some good touches and runs.
  7. dana82

    Squad formation v Estonia

    Agreed. Lafferty wont even be match sharp he's had so little time on the pitch for Rangers, shouldn't be anywhere near the starting 11. An impact sub is all.
  8. dana82

    Squad formation v Estonia

    Evans injury is a worry with Norwood deciding he he fancies a wee rest
  9. Yes, Big G said he would quit international football if he didn't start getting some minutes under Worthless. We simply cannot afford to lose anyone, never mind a regular like Norwood. But i'd like to think he wont walk straight back into the side, especially if Corry Evans does a good job in his place.
  10. Norwood hasn’t been great for a while now, lets be honest, his set piece delivery has generally been poor which is why we really miss Brunt in our squad. But he’s been playing out of his skin this season for a good Sheff Utd side and would have started again for us no doubt. We have Corry Evans to come in his place - and if he performs and does well, Norwood might find it difficult to get back the side (with a bit of luck).
  11. dana82

    Sunday train service

    Its a 7:45 KO
  12. I'm hoping Norwood is carrying some niggle and doesn't want to risk the Championship run-in for Sheff Utd by risking it..
  13. McNair is needed at right back imo
  14. Good to see Grigg back in
  15. Surprised no new names are in there. Also surprised McGeehan didn't make the cut - is he still committed?