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  1. Phil

    Line up/Match Thread

    I didn't think it was still possible for me to get angry by a performance and moreso a result. Last night proved otherwise. It's like Euro 2016 and World Cup campaign never happened, and we've picked up from when we lost to Luxembourg. All the problems we had then, we still have. No plan B from the manager, the stubborn instance in playing 1 up front and stupid, stupid mistakes. Quite what Stuart Dallas thought he was doing before Austria scored the winner is anyone's guess. If the results from the last year are any indicator, then we're in for a sticky Euro 2020 qualifying campaign.
  2. Phil

    Line up/match thread

    Not really.
  3. Phil

    Line up/match thread

    The wheels have fallen off the bandwagon
  4. Phil

    Post Mortem

    More of the no plan B I'm afraid. Slug it out for a draw, then huff and puff with no end result when we concede.
  5. We'll never forget you, Kyle Lavery.