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  1. OWC1958

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Got 2 tickets for this last week for 2 of my block bookers, confirmation email and invoice number everything looks dead on. Today I received an email saying I had until 8pm tonight to secure them. Checked my previous email everything looks all well and good went onto ticket website and I can now purchase 2 more tickets with a different invoice number. Surely there's not a issue with the IFA ticketing again?
  2. OWC1958

    Central America tour

    Not sure MON is fan of Griggs possibly his playing style and hopefully not to do with him stealing the limelight at the Euros with the song. No point comparing him to anyone, as Healy wasn't great at league level but prolific for us. Magennis, Boyce and Grigg have all similar games to goals at international level. With about 1 goal in 10 games for each of them and then you would have to consider the games they have played in and whether they were subs or not, so like I side no point unles you go down to the fine detail. For me you just pick the players who are on form and fit your game plan but can't see how he is not a sub to bring on as an impact player, he is going on 27 and I hope we use him and get the most of him before his goals dry up.
  3. OWC1958

    South Korea

    We defend the width of the box it's really obvious from behind the goal. When I saw they had Koreas tallest man playing up front I was worried. Thought Lewis was nervous the first half saw Hughes and Evans chat to him just before kick off. The second half i think his confidence grew and he started to play a bit and come forward instead of waiting to get attacked. He also hhad Jones in front of him who also was inexperienced and struggled in the first half defensively.
  4. OWC1958

    Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Will need a new keeper hearing Carroll out for season so to me that's him finished.
  5. OWC1958

    South Korea

  6. OWC1958

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Yeah funny that, when you search for a country co-efficient it takes you here
  7. OWC1958

    UEFA considering international leagues

    According to this we are 46th, group d, obviously going to change by the end of the WC qualifiers so no point in trying to work out where we will be, saw a table on wiki that was from 30th June and slightly different. http://www.uefa.com/memberassociations/uefarankings/country/index.html Interesting format, the best teams will usually play each other and more than likely never drop lower than group b. Good way of spreading out the footballing wealth to the smaller teams who will probably never get out of group d. http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro/news/newsid=2079553.html