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  1. I can see both arguments, for going and not. I fundamentally agree that with close to 200 countries worldwide, why would we play a federation that openly and unapologetically poaches our players? Add in the political dimension and the case not to go is clear and very understandable. That said, I have gone to countries that I would never dream of, and couldn't have easily found on a map, to support OWC (Azerbaijan), and others have travelled further this year to Costa Rica and Panama. From a travel perspective, ROI is easy to get to, and from a football point of view, I would like to see how we measure up, especially on their patch. I know that if we got a result, friendly or not, and I was on the sofa at home, I wouldn't easily forgive myself. So for those reasons, or perhaps despite them, I'm going. The opposition is unimportant to an extent, it's supporting my team and country that matters.
  2. pjc

    Starting XI v Israel

    You got one of your wishes GP! Great to see on his debut
  3. I'll go 2-1, maybe conceding but coming back into it just before/after half time and then a late winner, maybe from Grigg, on as a substitute. At least that's how I think the dream sequence went.