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  1. pjc

    Austria 12th man guide

    Not that much to be honest - a lot of what I read is not proofed. A dying art, it would seem...... (checking and rechecking this post for grammar and typos)
  2. Does anyone read these before they are published? Apparently the concession stands are open from 3.30pm on Saturday and Kyle Lafferty plays for Hearts. 🙄
  3. Must get home address of OWC posters from the mods and a trailer of cheap TVs to sell for a profit.....around 945 tomorrow night. Just in case, you understand - a dour draw or a 0-1 to OWC is my prediction.
  4. pjc

    Best and worst - Vienna

    Thought I’d f’d up somehow hughes18. Marty’s blue shorts are the key conversation point these days it would seem.
  5. pjc

    Best and worst - Vienna

    Best 1. Stunning world class city, with amazing culture, heritage and history. Excellent transport system, superb buildings, and easy access to the Danube, Bratislava and (a little further away) Budapest. 2. Weather comparable to most good OWC summer days - I could even have done with sun cream! 3. Straightforward, cost effective travel combinations. Well, if I ignore the 0130 alarm clock to get ready, pick up mates, and get to Dublin airport for a 0645 departure. 4. Schnitzel and sachertorte, as well as excellent beer and (courtesy of the Serbian waiter in our pre match dinner venue), rakija. My vision eventually cleared but it was touch and go for a while.....? 5. The promise of my first away double header - footie, points, pints, goals maybe, and almost a week away from work! Worst 1. Getting refused entry to the Oktoberfest type thing because we had football shirts on and were a bit like the English. I am only paraphrasing a bit. It put a right dampener on the first night there. 2. Despite having as much of the game as the Austrians - i.e. both pretty crap - we lost 1-0 and hit the woodwork. 3. Our booking for a "standard twin room" provided us with a nice double bed. Not an Austrian twin - I've been often enough to know the difference - and the hotel was booked out so they couldn't move us. Turns out a number of GAWA in our hotel were similarly impacted. Booking.com got the blame but at the end of the day, my mate ended up sleeping on the floor. 4. Even though we were in a big, comparatively empty stadium,, we were herded into the oxster of the ground. My eyesight isn't as good as it was admittedly but we were a distance away from the pitch. All the more galling when the section below us was bedecked by a large red Austrian fleg. 5. A general observation that the NL has been a bit of a horlicks really. Outplayed Bosnia at home - 0 points. No worse than Austria away - 0 points. All to do as we go to Sarajevo but we know what happened there. Roll on the Euro 2020 draw........
  6. pjc

    Best and worst - Sarajevo

    Not even as simple as that - I'm right up there with Mo Farah!
  7. pjc

    Best and worst - Sarajevo

    Yep, that's the one. A long story and expensive with it.
  8. As tradition has it, here is my starting offer: Best 1. A new city and country that I can tick off my list 2. Promising contribution up front for Boyce. It's been a while since he's had a chance to show what he can do and I think he acquitted himself well. I'd still love to see what he and Grigg could do as a front two. 3. Gavin Whyte, George Saville having good performances. Yes, no goals and "sitters" missed, but more on show than in Vienna 4. Almost completely positive interaction with the Bosnians I encountered. Friendly, hospitable, welcoming 5. The humour and spirit of the GAWA. Two notable examples being the remixed Josh Magennis song and the Sarajevo special edition that got such a positive reaction from the Bosnian fans and the dwellers of the blocks on the way to and from the ground. Worst 1. Zero points from 6. Yes, it was a competitive friendly, we were unlucky, Kyle let us down etc, but no-one would have been happy with 0/6 a week ago. I don't see why we should be now. 2. Cevapi. Pedigree Chum in a pitta. 3. Reports of GAWA getting beaten up, robbed etc. Takes the gloss of a positive experience. 4. Harrowing and recent history, evident all around. Sarajevo and Srebrenica exhibitions well worth seeing but powerful and emotional. 5. The mother of all horrible journeys home. Four flights booked, one lost due to Eurowings changing flight times, one lost due to German rail problems. I don't want to know or think about the cost.
  9. I can see both arguments, for going and not. I fundamentally agree that with close to 200 countries worldwide, why would we play a federation that openly and unapologetically poaches our players? Add in the political dimension and the case not to go is clear and very understandable. That said, I have gone to countries that I would never dream of, and couldn't have easily found on a map, to support OWC (Azerbaijan), and others have travelled further this year to Costa Rica and Panama. From a travel perspective, ROI is easy to get to, and from a football point of view, I would like to see how we measure up, especially on their patch. I know that if we got a result, friendly or not, and I was on the sofa at home, I wouldn't easily forgive myself. So for those reasons, or perhaps despite them, I'm going. The opposition is unimportant to an extent, it's supporting my team and country that matters.
  10. pjc

    Starting XI v Israel

    You got one of your wishes GP! Great to see on his debut
  11. I'll go 2-1, maybe conceding but coming back into it just before/after half time and then a late winner, maybe from Grigg, on as a substitute. At least that's how I think the dream sequence went.