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  1. windsor dreamland

    Squad for Netherlands and Czech Republic games

    what would a draw mean for us in the German game tonight?
  2. windsor dreamland

    Starting line up v Holland

    Think I would have preferred a 4 0 hammering compared to that - don't think it would have hurt as much
  3. windsor dreamland

    Starting line up v Holland

    so close -- heart-breaking strange subs - why not bring on Whyte or McGinn
  4. windsor dreamland

    Post Mortem

    Is that the same guy who sang the national anthem at our playoff game against the Swiss?
  5. windsor dreamland


    I noticed there were a lot of young kids at the game last night - our future GAWA !
  6. windsor dreamland

    Score Prediction v Germany

  7. windsor dreamland

    Line up V Belarus

    thought Paddy was our best player on the night even before he scored
  8. windsor dreamland

    Campaign Cards

    got an email this afternoon saying that they had been trying to contact me without success...they have rang me once! I rang them back and of course it goes to voicemail! they have now asked that I contact them ..wonder how many times I will have to ring them before I get an answer??
  9. windsor dreamland

    Campaign Cards

    Cheers..i had a missed call from a Belfast number today.. think it was the IFA.. rang back and of course it just went to voicemail.. Will give them another day and then will contact my bank
  10. windsor dreamland

    Campaign Cards

    same here ..I had to change my card because of a Ticketmaster security issue. I provided my number for them to contact me "within the week". I imagine I will have to chase them ….
  11. windsor dreamland

    Campaign Cards

    has anybody received the refund into their account yet?
  12. windsor dreamland

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    email from IFA to say we will receive a further email in advance of 7 December with regard to the fact we only playing 4 games at home as opposed to 5 … I think they should just throw in a free friendly game
  13. windsor dreamland

    Line up/Match Thread

    what happened to Paul Smyth..he was called up but not even on the bench for the last two games
  14. windsor dreamland

    Austria at home.

    cant see it being a problem..last game I was at seen a guy with a small suitcase
  15. windsor dreamland

    Score Prediction v Rep of Ireland

    If that happens my boot will be through the TV